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Best Bath Bombs

Best Bath bombs
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Drawing a bath means drawing some relaxation time into your busy schedule. Why not make your bath more serine with the addition of a bath bomb? Bath bombs are those effervescent spheres that fizz in water, dispersing calming botanical-based fragrances, hydrating moisturizers, and delightful colors. To help you achieve spa-like zen in the privacy of your bathroom, we've comprised a list of the most luxurious bath bombs.

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LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set - 12 Pack

Fizz whiz

Beautify bathwater with this luxurious set of 12 bath bombs. Each 2-inch, 2.5-ounce sphere is crafted with pleasant and relaxing fragrances like black raspberry vanilla, kiwi and strawberry, and lavender. Calming colors or flower petals will disperse as the bombs dissolve to make each bath a unique, revitalizing experience. The bath bombs are also infused with lightweight moisturizer for optimum skin hydration.

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Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set - 6 Pack

Spheres of relaxation

Gift a transformative, spa-like experience to yourself or others with this organic bath bomb set. Each 2.5-ounce bath bomb is composed of plucked-from-the-garden ingredients, including moisturizers and essential oils, to make baths a rejuvenating, natural experience. The frothy, fizzing bombs in this set are uniquely restorative including combinations like Yoga Sunrise (with lemon, lime, and bergamot oils) and Garden of the Gods (with lavender, geranium, and lime oils). Additionally, these bath bombs aren't tinted which means they won't stain your tub, and they're vegan and gluten-free.

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INTEYE Organic and Natural Bath Bomb Set - 24 Pack

Relaxation in bulk

Bath bombs are the perfect indulgence, with their effervescent, nurturing nature and beauty benefits. This colorful 24-piece set makes it simple to increase relaxation time by stockpiling these solvent spheres. Or, if you're generous, you can share them with friends. (They are packaged in four individual boxes of six for easy gifting.) These bath bombs are comprised of organic moisturizers and essential oils, including shea butter, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, and coconut oil. Just drop a bath bomb in the tub, relax, and reap the luxurious advantages.

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Sky Organics Kids Bath Bomb Gift Set - 6 Pack

For the kids

Kids deserve a little bath time fun too! This colorful 6-pack of fizzy 5-ounce bath bombs is sure to add a little something extra. Each foaming sphere is created with a natural blend of essential oils, fragrance, vibrant color, and a dose of shimmer. There are several enjoyable scents including bubble gum, cotton, candy, and grape soda, for a delicious sensory experience. These soothing bath bombs are made with all of the good stuff (coconut oil and Epsom salt) and without pesky sulfates or phthalates. But that's not all; there's a surprise toy hidden in every bath bomb.

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Da Bomb "F" Bomb Bath Bomb

Drop it

Melt away worry and stress with this frothy relaxation-inducing bath bomb. All you have to do is drop it, and you know you want to. When you do, this fizzy miracle will make your bath water a serene, lavender-filled getaway. As the bath bomb dissolves, you will enjoy the soothing solution and the surprise of a fun, inspirational message.

Bathroom bliss

Serenity can be found in something as simple as a bath. Baths are relaxing on their own, but adding a bath bomb can enhance calming vibes with added beauty benefits. Bath bombs are a restorative and sensory stress-relieving essential designed to revive skin and achieve peace. Natural moisturizers, scents, and oils are just some of the luxurious ingredients that can nourish skin and encourage relaxation. Our first pick is the LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set because it includes 12 fizzy 2.5-ounce spheres created with pleasant scents, brilliant colors, and a lightweight moisturizer.

If your stress level is off the charts and you're looking for quantity, the INTEYE Organic and Natural Bath Bomb Set includes 24 pieces. This colorful collection is composed of organic moisturizers and essential oils including shea butter, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, and coconut oil. And, if you'd like to share, the bath bombs are packaged in boxes of six. 

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