Best Bands for Your Stainless Steel Apple Watch

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We currently live in an era of stylish comfort, and your Apple Watch band is no exception. With a variety available, you can choose from a sleek, leather band to go with your favorite little black dress, a water-resistant band for your daily workouts, and, perhaps, a nylon band for everyday wear. When it comes to the best bands for your Apple Watch, here are our top picks.

Staff Pick

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VATI Sport Band

Apple Watch band for everyday wear

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 to 5, and available in two different sizes, this band is excellent for everyday wear. It is made from soft and durable silicone that is lightweight and comfortable. There are a variety of colors to choose from, so you can match the band to your outfit or mood. You can even wear this Apple Watch band while exercising as it is sweat and water-resistant. 

Elegant Skinny Band

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WFEAGL Leather Band

An elegant-looking skinny Apple Watch band

This Apple Watch band features a graceful and delicate-looking strap. The band's width measures around 0.5-inches wide, and the length measures in at 5.3-by-7.7-inches long. Made from leather, this strap is comfortable and sleek. This watch band is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 to 5. You can choose from a multitude of neutral-toned colors to suit your style.

Tight Metal Links

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GBPOOT Compatible for Apple Watch Band

Small chain-link Apple Watch band

If you like the look of sleek and tight-knit metal links, then the GBPOOT Apple Watch band may be perfect for you. This band is made from stainless steel and features an adjustable magnetic clasp. The small metal links are wear and corrosion-resistant, so you can comfortably sport this strap every day. This Apple Watch band is compatible with Series 1 to 4 and is available in four different size variations.

Large Metal Links

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Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band

Large chain-link Apple Watch band

This large chain-link Apple Watch band is made from premium 304 stainless steel. It features a durable and high-gloss finish that is extremely visually appealing. Great for both men and women, this adjustable band is available in a variety of colors to match the face of your watch. The band is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 to 5 and is available in a variety of sizes. 

Leather Band

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Kyisgos Leather Apple Watch Band

Thick leather Apple Watch band

Made from genuine leather, this Apple Watch band is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 to 5, this band is great for both men and women. Choose amongst over 10 different color varieties ranging from bold to neutral to suit your style. 

Nylon Bands

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OHCBOOGIE Compatible with Apple Watch Band - 2 Pack

Two-pack of nylon Apple Watch Bands

This two-pack of Apple Watch bands are made from comfortable high-quality nylon. The durable straps come in a range of colors and are compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 to 5. These straps are great to wear during a workout, lounging, or running errands as they are soft and flexible. 

The bottom line

In the last few years, fashion has been trending towards a category that falls between loungewear and athletic apparel: athleisure. Athleisure style fuses high fashion with everyday comfort, including everything from clothing to Apple Watch bands. For a watch band that is great for everyday wear as well as for taking on the most intense workout, the VATI Sport Band is definitely a game-changer. This band incorporates comfort and style with efficiency in its lightweight design. 

When it comes to elegance and comfort, the WFEAGL Leather Band exceeds expectations with its thin and delicate appearance, shaped in high-quality leather. Strap this band on for a night out, or while you lounge in your home. 

For those of you who appreciate the visual appeal of a high-quality chain-link watch band, the Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band is an excellent choice. This band is crafted to perfection with its high-gloss finish and timeless design. Enjoy connecting this band to your Apple Watch to dress your outfit up or down for any occasion.