Best 4K TVs

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Want to get the best possible picture when viewing all of your favorite shows and movies? A 4K TV might be just the thing. There are so many great options right now, but some will definitely give you a few more features that you might be after. No matter what your budget, 4K is something that can fit right in with your current entertainment setup.

Staff Pick

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VIZIO M-Series

Built-in chromecast

Getting support for Google Assistant is all fine and dandy, but the VIZIO M-Series steps it up a notch with a built-in Chromecast. That means you can find the latest streaming shows and cast them to your new VIZIO TV with ease. 4K Ultra HD is onboard, along with Dolby Vision HDR, for improved video playback. You can also snag this TV in either the 55" or 65" inch sizes! 

Feature Filled

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TCL 55S425 4K Roku TV

Bang for the buck

Are you looking for something more feature-packed than a Chromecast? Then the TCL 55S425 4K TV is great as it has a built-in Roku for your smart TV needs. The 55S425 offers 4K HDR picture quality, while also being compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant for voice controls. It's also available in 5 different sizes making it easy to pick the perfect option for your home. 

Get Fire TV

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Toshiba 4K Ultra HD Fire TV Edition

Alexa, go to Netflix

What's the point of spending extra money to stream content if you can get it built right into your TV? Amazon partnered with Toshiba to make a line of 4K HDR televisions with a Fire TV built-in. This TV includes an Alexa-enabled voice remote, along with offering 4K UHD playback with Dolby Vision included. You can snag it in two different sizes, and it receives over the updates to keep its software up to date. 

Underdog Option

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Hisense 55H8F 4K Ultra HD TV

Android TV onboard

Hisense may not be one of the first recommendations you hear about for televisions, but the 55H8F should be. This 4K UHD TV has a built-in Android TV along with Motion Rate 240, which reduces potential lag in fast-action moments during shows and movies. The 55H8F is a fantastic value and is perfect for enjoying all of your favorite shows. You can snag it in three different sizes and has Google Assitant built in! 

All the Assistants

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LG Nano 8 Series TV

Nanocell greatness

LG's Nano 8 Series of televisions is a bit different with its built-in Intelligent Processor, which helps to power all of the AI features such as smart home assistants. Plus, the processor helps with the picture quality!  It helps to tune your TV to match the content you are watching and provide a better viewing experience than similar options. It's also the first TV to include both Alexa and Google Assistant! You can snag this TV in three different sizes too! 

Bottom line 

There are so many different televisions available on the market. It can be challenging to find one that has just about everything you could want. The Vizio M-Series is a great option for most people with a big beautiful screen, built-in Chromecast, and support for Google Assistant.

If you use both Google Assistant and Alexa, then have no fear! The LG Nano 8 Series works with both, as well as coming in three different sizes, and having the technology to ensure you can see every frame of your favorite shows in crystal clear clarity! 

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