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The best electric can openers

The best electric can openers

Sometimes we take for granted the can opener. It’s such a simple tool that for most is quick and easy to use. However, I’m sure we’ve all had the frustration of a rusty can opener doing a better job of mashing up a can than opening it smoothly, and then you’re left to try and pry it open with a kitchen knife which is not very easy and not very safe. Also, if you suffer from arthritis or similar joint problems, automatic kitchen appliances that take the hassle out of daily tasks can be a great benefit to you, with the best electric tin openers doing the whole job for you with almost no effort at all.

If you use a lot of tinned foods and you’re on your umpteenth manual can opener that has just let you down, then you could save yourself a lot of time and hassle by investing in an electric can opener. Now don’t get us wrong, most still require a little bit of effort, but there are two main types of electric can opener you can get depending on your preference. 

The first is a handheld electric can opener, which can sometimes be battery powered or have a charging station. They work in a similar way to a manual can openers expect it doesn’t require so much elbow grease. They will automatically detect the can’s lip when placed on top, and then the rest is almost a hands free process. Look out for electric can openers with stainless steel blades as these are the most durable and less susceptible to rust. 

However, if you want true efficiency and you’ve got the room for one, a countertop electric can opener is an absolute whizz of an appliance idea that works at the touch of a button. This type of electric can opener still uses a serrated wheel and a small motor which turns the can while opening it. A lot of countertop electric can openers aren’t overly cumbersome, but do have a range of extra features on them which make them a really handy device to have in the kitchen. Just be sure to match you new gadget up with your toaster, kettle and other appliances to avoid a design eyesore.

Morphy Richards Multifunction Can Opener

1. Morphy Richards Multifunction Can Opener

This multifunctional device is handy for a range of kitchen needs

Best for: Feature packed | Power: Mains | Material: Plastic, metal | Extras: Jar opener, twist off and pop off bottle opener, packet opener

Opens regular and ring-pull tins
Not too cumbersome
Tricky to use the first time 

Customers who suffer with arthritis have praised this electric can opener from Morphy Richards for being such a versatile kitchen tool. This device not only opens regular cans, but ring pull cans, bottles, packets and jars, too. It’s not too bulky which means it can easily sit on the side or be stored away in a cupboard and it looks pretty sleek and snazzy. There is evidently a knack to using it which can be tricky on the first attempt (namely placement of the tin) but once you’ve got it, this electric can opener is really easy to use. Overall, this electric can opener is raved about as practical and great value for money.

Kenwood 3-in-1 Can Opener

2. Kenwood 3-in-1 Can Opener

A stylish kitchen appliance for the design conscious

Best for: Style | Power: Mains | Material: Metal, plastic | Extras: Knife sharpener and bottle opener

Lid magnet
Automatic start/stop
Knife sharpener feature isn’t great 

This shiny chrome electric can opener certainly wouldn’t look out of place in any modern kitchen and users have found this Kenwood machine to be ideal for quickly and efficiently opening cans. It comes with a bottle opener and knife sharpener as extra features, although these are not as highly rated as its tin opening abilities. The can opener itself has a magnetic feature which stops your lid from falling into the food which makes the whole process much more hygienic and safe. It’s also said to be very easy to clean which makes this electric can opener completely hassle-free. 

Swan Electric 3-in-1 Can Opener

3. Swan Electric 3-in-1 Can Opener

A hands-free machine for taller cans

Best for: Tall cans | Power: Mains | Material: Metal, plastic | Extras: Bottle opener, knife sharpener

Easy to use 
Tricky to put the attachment together 

Most electric can openers might be too short for larger cans such as dog food, for example. This Swan electric can opener is designed specifically with larger cans in mind and its very powerful meaning opening any type of can is a breeze. Users found the extra features on this can opener to be useful but the only trouble that some users had related to putting the blade attachment together. If you have the patience to read the manual then this is certainly a worthwhile purchase for larger tins of food.  

Culinare Soft Touch One Touch Automatic Can Opener

4. Culinare Soft Touch One Touch Automatic Can Opener

A handheld electric can opener for portability

Best for: Portable | Power: Batteries | Material: Plastic, metal | Extras: n/a

Small and compact
One touch start
Quite noisy 

If you don’t want to take up room on your kitchen countertop, then this battery powered handheld electric can opener is a great little alternative. The battery life is said to be excellent, and it quickly removes the lid of the can with no mess or fuss. The volume of this appliance when in action might be a bit much for some, but for the convenience of the device this is surely a minor issue. Its size means it’s easily portable so it’s ideal for taking on camping trips or holidays.  

JML Hands Free

5. JML Hands Free

A quick and easy one-touch device

Best for: Ergonomic design | Power: Batteries | Material: Plastic, metal | Extras: n/a

Easy to clean
Works on all tin sizes 
Batteries not included 

Some people don’t get on with the countertop electric can openers, so if you’re looking for just a little helping hand then this JML hands free electric can opener could just do the trick. It looks similar to a manual can opener, but is designed to quickly and efficiently open any sized can with just one touch so it doesn’t require much effort from you. Users have said this can opener has great strength and works just as it claims to. This is a great little budget purchase that users found to be excellent value for money.  

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