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Best Outdoor Solar Lights

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One of the easiest ways to add light to your property without also adding to your electric bill is to invest in solar. Solar lights vary in brightness and utility. Whether you're looking for a new security motion sensor or accent lighting, these are our tried and true favorites.

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Beau Jardin Solar Pathway Lights

Light your path

The classy stainless steel and glass solar lights from Beau Jardin are bright enough to illuminate walkways, and they're effortless to install. This four-pack outputs six lumens and each unit is rugged enough to withstand being beaten about by rain and snow.

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Litom Solar Landscape Spotlights

Highlight the landscape

The 12 LEDs in the hood of Litom's solar landscape spotlights emit a cool white light. Stake these in the ground, and 600 lumens cast a wide light around doorways, walking paths, patios, and gardens. Litom's solar lights are weatherproof and can be used year-round.

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Aootek Solar Outdoor Lights

Multipurpose lights

Aootek's lights are super bright and have three modes: motion detector security light, always-on sunset to sunrise, and adjustable nighttime lighting. Designed to withstand extreme weather, these are the best multipurpose solar lights today.

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Brightech Ambience Pro

String lights up

Brightech's retro waterproof LED solar string lights extend to 27 feet and add a warm glow to patios, deck railings, and porches. They're also excellent for event lighting. A full charge takes just 6 hours, and these can withstand the elements year-round.

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Baxia Technology Motion Sensor Lights

Protect your place

With solar panels fixed to the top of each light source, this four-pack from Baxia Technology doesn't take up much space. There are 28 bright LEDs inside each lamp that are triggered when motion is detected. Charge time is eight hours, and each light is water and heat-resistant.

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TomCare Solar Torches

Tasteful torches

TomCare's lights resemble torches with real flames. A safer alternative than fire, these give off a soothing glow. Charge time is roughly eight hours, and the flames throw light up to 12 hours when fully charged. The four-pack of torches stake into the ground and are built for use all year.

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Litom Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor

Bright and wide

The Litom solar light is an inexpensive way to bathe your front door in bright white light when you return home at night. The motion-detecting LEDs emit a spotlight that shines an impressive 270-degrees, so these are wide enough to use anywhere around your property.

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Xlux Warm Solar Lights

Watch your step

Walk up or down your stairs with more confidence with the Xlux solar pathway lights. This six-pack is installable on stairs, fence posts, or around plants. The soft, warm light emitted is just right for adding a classy bit of functional decorative lighting without disturbing the neighbors

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Yinuo Mirror Dancing Flame Lanterns

Lanterns that go anywhere

The antique solar lanterns from Yinuo Mirror feature realistic-looking flickering flames inside a decorative metal frame. The ring and clip at the top of the lights let you hang these from tree branches or hooks. The lights can also be placed atop any flat surface. Charge time is four hours, and run time is 15 hours.

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YGL 100W Solar Street Flood Light

High power street light

When you need a high powered light that is every bit as bright as a street lamp, this outdoor100W LED solar street security floodlight from YQL is a good fit. The included remote allows you to turn lights on or off when needed, and the charge lasts up to 20 hours. Great for rural roads, garage protection, or over the front door.

Bottom line

If you've held off investing in solar, now is an excellent time to get started. You'll save on your electric bill and do the earth some good.

Our favorite lights are from Beau Jardin. We love the glass and stainless steel design! The lights also hold up well through all sorts of weather.

If you need a multipurpose light that can serve as a motion detector and a lamp to brighten dark corners, the four-pack of LED solar lights from Aootek is genius and affordable.

For style purposes, we like TomCare Solar Lights. You'll get a four-pack of fake flickering flame torches that add soft light from dusk to dawn.