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Best Adult Board Games

Assorted board games
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While board games are fun for all ages, some are aimed at a more mature audience. Well, maybe mature isn't the right word, but certainly for an audience that's over 18. We've played, laughed, and cringed at as many adult board games as possible to bring you the very best.

Codenames after dark

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Codenames Deep Undercover 2.0

Party time

When it comes to party games, Codenames is a firm favorite. The premise is simple; there are two teams, one person from each team says a word and your team has to guess what cards that word relates to. 

Deep undercover 2.0 is the adult version of Codenames and has slightly more risque words on the cards than usual. It's a lot of fun for a big group of friends and a great way to start a game night.

Cards against humanity

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Cards Against Humanity

Super rude

Since its release on Kickstarter in 2011, Cards against Humanity has been a favorite at any adult game night. This is probably the most NSFW game on this list, and it can get vulgar in some places. It's likely not one you want to play with your parents either. Cards Against Humanity is a game best played with four to eight people, and generally after you've had one or two drinks, or more. 

My friends and I tend to play it in the middle of a game night, between big board games as a way to loosen up and raise the energy level around the table.

Dead of Winter

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Dead of Winter

Survival and betrayal

If you are looking for a cooperative team game with horror elements, then Dead of Winter is the game for you. You are the last survivors of humanity working together to survive against the zombie apocalypse, but of course, there is always someone who wants to watch the world burn. 

While this game is not "adult" in terms of swearing or sexual content, it is a horror game with adult concepts that are best played by older teenagers or adults.


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Telestrations After Dark

Drawing rude things

Telestrations is a classic word and picture game mixed with the game of telephone. As you move around the group, you draw the answer the person before you gave, but that doesn't mean it's the right answer or even close to it! 

This is another excellent party game that can be played by lots of people with much shouting and laughter. Plus, the cards on this version have a few more NSFW answers on them!

Joking Hazard

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Joking Hazard

It's the silliness for me

Cyanide and Happiness is one of the funniest webcomics around, and when they made a card game, I knew I had to have it. The premise is simple; you make a three-panel comic strip with the cards in your hand — the more terrible, the better — and the "judge" chooses which is the best. 

This is one of those games you can pick up and play for 10 minutes or an hour without any trouble, so it's a great filler between more prolonged, intense games.

Mansions of Madness

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Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

The veil is failing

Mansions of Madness is based in the Lovecraftian Mythos and is designed to be an intense cooperative game with a lot of horror elements. It uses a companion app to immerse you in the game, and it comes with hundreds of detailed components, including 32 plastic figures of the various horrors you will face. 

We love this game in our house as it is long, complicated, and requires us all to work as a team to survive. The reason this is my list for adult games is the level of teamwork needed, as well as the length of the game requires the concentration only an adult can bring.

Watch ya mouth

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Watch Ya' Mouth Family Edition

Harder than you think

Now you may not think of this game as an adult game, but try it after a few shots, and you'll see it's perfect. With the mouth guard in and drinking in pay, the laughter is almost nonstop.

The aim is to say a phrase with a piece of plastic in your mouth and for the other team to guess it. Sounds simple right? Well, it isn't, especially if you are half drunk already. We like to add the rule of shots to the game too. If you guess right, you get to take a chance; if you guess wrong, the person with the mouth guard has to take a shot with the mouth guard in. Trust me; it's freaking hilarious.

Adulting is hard, games are fun!

I have been playing board games religiously for around six years now, and while we can get bogged down in some hardcore, two-hour-long games, we also like to kick back, have some drinks, and play silly party games. For pure NSFW party fun, look no further than Cards Against Humanity. It's irreverent, fast-paced, and a blast to play with a group of like-minded, depraved souls. 

For something with little more depth that requires grown-up levels of teamwork and concentration, try Mansions of Madness. The game is enormous, with multiple story arcs, insane amounts of detail, and requires a level of cooperation seldom seen in board games. You likely don't want to be drinking when playing this, but you will have a lot of fun!

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