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The best tomato plants

The best tomato plants
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With the right tomato plants, it doesn't matter whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned green thumb, so long as you have sunshine, water, and good quality tomato feed you could be picking a bumper crop in weeks. 

And you don't even need a lot of space to start growing your own tomatoes, these plants can be grown anywhere from a vegetable patch to your windowsill.

There are now over 3,000 different varieties of the tomato plants, from cherry to beefsteak and they come in a range of different colours and flavours. It really is hard to imagine the culinary world without the humble tomato; pizza sauce, marinara, even cheese, and tomato sandwiches would all be missing from the menu. 

Check out our roundup of the best tomato plants to help you on your way to growing delicious tomatoes.

Best overall

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Tumbling Toms (opens in new tab)

For juicy, bite sized tomatoes

If you’re looking for tomato plants that will give you an abundant crop of sweet and juicy bite-sized tomatoes then the tumbling toms are for you. 

These tomato plants will produce a compact bush that’s fast-growing and have a naturally trailing habit so won’t only taste delicious but will look good too. This variety also grows very well under glass — or even on a window ledge — and in containers. No training is required so plant them in and watch them grow.

Best cherry

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Sweet and Neat (opens in new tab)

A small sweet tomato ideal for compact spaces

Ideal for smaller areas, these cherry tomato plants will produce a sweet and tangy fruit that grows in grape-like clusters. 

These plants are best suited to pots and containers and are perfect in the veg patch or even on a sunny windowsill. They are easy to take care of and you can expect a high yield with around 40-60 fruit throughout the season. They’re supplied as large plug plants so you can expect your first fruit quickly. 

Best moneymaker

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Moneymaker (opens in new tab)

Grow your moneymaker

Moneymaker is one of the most popular varieties on the market, you’ll instantly recognise them for their smooth appearance and medium size. 

You can grow these plants either in a greenhouse or outdoors and you can be sure of a bumper crop. The fruit these plants will produce will be perfect for use in salads, sauces or even to preserve. They reach a height of 200cm and achieve a spread of around 50cm so they do get quite large. 

Best indeterminate

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Alicante (opens in new tab)

Single stem tomatoes

An indeterminate or cordon tomato grows upright with a single stem and does not bush. 

The Alicante is one of the best cordon tomatoes as it produces heavy crops of medium-sized, greenback free fruits with a superb sweet flavour. Ideal for growing in any position but doesn’t get on well with full-on sunshine so if you’re growing outdoors find a spot that has some respite from the sun. 

Best indoor

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JPD windowsill tomato plant (opens in new tab)

Ideal if you have no outdoor space

Having little or no outdoor space doesn’t need to exclude you from growing your own tomatoes. This JPD windowsill tomato plant will serve you with a good crop of sweet, cherry sized tomatoes. 

This plant reaches between 25-30cm when fully grown so it’s extremely compact and perfect for smaller spaces. 

The tomatoes are usually ready to harvest between July and October so great for adding in to salads or for using to top a pizza. 

Pick of the crops

The best overall tomato plant you can buy is the tumbling toms (opens in new tab) variety, especially if you’re looking for a plant that will look as great as they taste. These tomato plants are ideal for any type of gardener and will provide a good crop for every plant.