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Best Smart TVs

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So many apps, so little time to stream! Smart TVs are essential to help you get the most out of your limited screen time. We recommend the Sony Bravia Smart TV as the best choice among the picks below. But any of these options will keep you connected with other devices in the home.

Best overall

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Sony Bravia Smart TV

Offers a variety of apps and stunning high definition

The Sony Bravia Smart TV has incredible HDR, allowing you to look at bright and dark scenes with incredible clarity. Gamers and streamers alike will really enjoy the experience because it's designed to be immersive. Upscales help refine the pixels on the screen to reduce the noise and enhance the clarity even more for unrivalled picture quality.

The smart TV experience is intuitive, allowing you to look at YouTube or to enjoy other connected apps on your television. You can even record your favourite show easily using a quick USB hard drive connection. 

Best colour

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LG Electronics Smart TV

Vibrant images will enhance your viewing experience

The LG Electronics Smart TV not only has numerous apps to use, but it has an incredible resolution that is five times greater than standard definition. This allows viewers to experience wonderful clarity and colour. The TV uses four cores of processing power to render a beautiful image. Also included is a surround-sound experience with virtual audio channels for broadcast and digital programmes.

Best connectivity

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TCL Smart Android TV

Chromecast will hook up easily to this TV

The TCL Smart Android TV will talk easily to your Chromecast, offering an intuitive experience for numerous apps from Netflix to YouTube. The HDR and micro dimming technologies will give you a lot of colour and contrast during your TV time. A nice, slim design will let the TV slide easily into even a small space.

Best sound

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Toshiba Ready Smart TV

Feel as though you're in a cinema

The Toshiba Ready Smart TV has cinema-quality sound as part of the package, including Dolby Audio processing and Onkyo speakers for top-notch audio. Gamers will appreciate the gaming mode, which makes the graphics ultra-vibrant. Numerous streaming apps come with the TV, allowing you to enjoy several options right out of the box.

Bottom line

The Sony Bravia Smart TV has an easy smart TV interface coupled with incredible graphics. Its HDR renders both dark and bright scenes beautifully. Even individual pixels on the screen will be automatically brought into line, to ensure there are no stray dots or areas that make it difficult to see what's going on.

Designed with the needs of gamers and streamers in mind, the TV has several ports and apps available to support your preferred device. No need to worry about recording shows or searching for your favourite movie; all of it is easy to do in seconds with this television.

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