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Best Media Remotes for Xbox One

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If you use the Xbox One to control most of the media in your home, you're well aware of how clunky the standard gaming controller can be when trying to command other systems. If you're looking for an easier solution, you may want to consider a media remote for your Xbox One. Here are some of our favorites.

(Image credit: Amazon)

The PDP Talon Media Remote looks more like a universal remote than a dedicated Xbox remote. All the standard buttons you'd find on any remote are here — play, pause, stop, rewind, fast-forward, and more — but it's larger and has more dedicated buttons. Like most Xbox remotes, this one uses IR and has some limited TV control capabilities. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

Inteset universal IR learning remote

Budget universal

If you're looking for something that will control your Xbox One that also works with your other devices, the Inteset universal IR learning remote is perfect. It comes preset to use with your Xbox One, which makes it incredibly easy to set up. Simply by pushing either the A, B, C, or D buttons, you can set up the remote to function for Apple TV, Xbox One, Windows Media Center, and Roku, respectively, making it easy to switch back and forth between devices. 

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Logitech's Harmony Elite is the current pinnacle of universal remotes. The first thing that stands out is its touchscreen, which allows you to access all the different devices you have connected to the remote, making it easy to switch between using your Xbox One, cable box, Apple TV, or any other device. One-touch can turn on your TV, set the input, turn on the Xbox, and switch on your speaker system. It can even control your smart lights. It has a rechargeable battery and charging dock, as well as a hub allowing control through your smartphone.

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The Xbox skill for Alexa means you can control just about every aspect of your Xbox One with your voice, and the 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot is the best way to do this. It's small enough to blend in anywhere; the newer version sounds excellent for listening to music, but best of all, you can change channels, volume, launch apps, games, movies, and so much more all with your voice. 

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Yok Media Remote

Physical keyboard

This remote is not only useful for controlling your media; it helps search for it, too, or even tapping away on Xbox Party Chat. That's because round front it may look quite ordinary, but flip it over, and you have a full QWERTY keyboard built-in that's also illuminated for those later night requirements. 

Bottom line

The Xbox One is a fantastic box to have in your living room for all your home media needs, and a great remote can enhance your experience. The superb PDP Talon is an excellent remote by any standards, let alone for a console. It has all the Xbox buttons, is well made and affordable, and ticks all the boxes. 

By contrast, you can now finally (once again) interact with your console using your voice. It's not a substitute for a dedicated remote, but with an Amazon Echo Dot you can turn the console on and off, launch apps and games and much more besides. 

And if you're a fan of high-end home entertainment equipment, the Xbox One will be right at home in your setup with the Logitech Harmony Elite. This programmable remote is capable of controlling everything in your entertainment center. It's the one remote to rule them all.