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Best mason jars   

Best mason jars
Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels (Image credit: Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels)

When it comes to mason jars, it’s probably easier to list the things that you can’t use them for. They are ideal for preserving jam, pickling, storing dry food such as rice or pasta, as a way to transport your lunch and even as a vessel to drink your smoothies. Mason jars are the ultimate in kitchen accessory, they are distinguished by their glass construction and airtight lids that screw into place. We’ve put together a list of the best mason jars you can buy right now from the best for breakfast to the best for jam. 

Best overall

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4 pack amber Ball mason jar

A classic with a twist

Ball is probably one of the best-known brands when it comes to mason jars. These 945ml jars are made using amber glass which will help keep your food fresher for longer as it blocks out 99% of food-damaging UV light. 

You can keep food fresh for up to 18 months with these jars, and they are ideal for storing dried food or even canning, fermenting, pickling, or preserving. If you’re using them to can or pickle foods, then you will need to replace the metal lids when you’re done, but the bands can be reused time after time. 

Best for breakfast

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Kilner breakfast jar set

If you're on the move, this will help you make sure you always have your the most important meal of the day

This mason jar by Kilner is stylish but practical. It’s the perfect way to carry your breakfast - and why stop there, it’s great for taking lunch and snacks to work too. If you love overnight oats then this has a unique measuring lid that will measure out 50g of oats so no messing around with scales. It comes with a stainless steel spoon that’s attached to the mason jar via a silicone holder. It’s also dishwasher safe. 

Best for pickling

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Kilner wide mouth preserve jar

An extra wide mouth for larger items

If you want to pickle whole fruits and vegetables, this Kilner wide mouth preserve jar will be ideal. There are handy volume indicators that are embossed on the side of the jar so you don’t risk overfilling it. It also has a lid that’s made up of a replaceable vacuum seal and a metal screw band to keep it tight and the contents fresh. 

Best for jam

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Ball mason glass preserving jar

Pump the jam with these beautiful vintage mason jars by ball

Perfect for preserving jam, these vintage style mason jars by Ball are both useful and attractive. The jars have a unique chunky pattern which means not only will they keep your jam fresh but they’ll also look great on display. The lid has two parts with a replaceable metal disc and a screw-on banded lid that will keep these jars both airtight and watertight.

Best for drinking

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Mastertop mason jar drinking set

Drink in style with these mastertop mason drinking jars

These mason jars are perfect for enjoying a smoothie or even a cocktail outside in the summer. They come with interchangeable lids so you can use them with a straw or even as a good storage jar for your dry food and snacks. This pack also includes 4 metal straws so you can relish in a cool drink whilst saving the planet.

The bottom line

We cannot get enough of mason jars. They are so versatile and look amazing too. We were really impressed by the amber glass mason jars by Ball. The darkness of the glass will keep fresher for longer and they hold 942ml so perfect for pickling and preserving. 

We also loved the Mastertop mason jar drinking set. We are always looking for ways to reduce our single-use plastic consumption and this is the ideal solution. They have interchangeable lids so you can use them for drinks or food and also come with a handy pack of metal straws.