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Best inflatable mattresses   

Inflatable Mattresses
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Inflatable mattresses are an affordable and convenient way to make sure that you always have a place for guests, unexpected or not, to sleep. They’re also the perfect solution if you enjoying camping but still want to maintain a little luxury in your life. 

A good inflatable mattress needs to be four things; portable, comfortable, supportive and easy to inflate. So whether you’re gearing up to spend a night in the wilderness, hosting a houseful of guests or you just want to be prepared, we’ve rounded up the best inflatable mattresses to ensure a comfortable nights sleep wherever you may be.  

Best overall

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Active era premium king

Large and supportive for a good nights sleep

The Active Era premium king mattress is ideal for when unexpected guests show up and need a bed. This is down to the built-in electric pump which can fully inflate this mattress within 3 minutes. 

It also has an integrated raised pillow so sleepers will benefit from head and neck support just as you would with a traditional mattress. Talking of support, it’s fitted with 35 structured air-coils that not only helps to relieve pressure points on your neck and spine but will help keep you cool whilst you’re sleeping.

Best luxury

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Sleep origins, yawn air bed

Portable luxury

If you’re looking for an inflatable mattress that will look and feel just like a traditional bed, the Sleep Origins Yawn air bed is the one you’re looking for. This mattress has a generous sleeping area of 146cm x 170cm and with 40 independent pillars of air cradle and support, you’ll experience zero motion transfer and all your pressure points will be well supported. 

It has a 2-in-1 built-in motor that not only inflates this mattress at speed but also offers a quick deflate mode. 

But it has to be said that the most impressive feature of this inflatable mattress has to be the built-in headboard which not only looks amazing but also stops your pillows sliding off so you can guarantee a good, solid night's sleep. 

Best for couples

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Sable double size

Next level support and comfort

The Sable inflatable mattress offers bed-like comfort thanks to the 0.6mm flocking surface that makes it feel as though you’re sleeping on the real thing. It has an integrated raised pillow design so your head and neck will be well supported. 

This is the perfect solution for couples as it not only has a generous weight limit of 661lbs but it also features I-Beam air coils that adjust to body shape, weight, and sleeping position to provide a luxurious sleeping experience. 

It has a built-in electric pump and deflates to a small size meaning that it’s easy to transport or store. 

Best for camping

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Bestway Tritech

Cool camping comfort

This single inflatable mattress is a top choice for campers with its built-in electric pump and fast inflation time of under 4 minutes. It has a built-in pillow so that’s one less thing you have to pack to take on your trip. 

This mattress is designed with Tritech internal beams which are a polyester mesh encased in strong PVC so that you’ll feel safe and supported all night long. It also supports weights up to 300kg without any loss of air. 

This inflatable mattress comes with a travel bag, a repair patch and the size is a generous, yet slender 191cm x 97cm x 46cm.

Best for single sleepers

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Active era single

Small but spacious

This single sized inflatable mattress is suited for all body types, and with a raised height of 53cm, it’s effortless to get in and out of. 

It has a high powered pump built-in and you can expect it to fully inflate within 2 minutes. This mattress offers exceptional head, neck, and body support thanks to the integrated pillow and the 5 built-in I-Beams.

Once you have deflated your mattress you can simply fold it away using the included travel bag which also makes storing super easy too. 

Best for car

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GOTOTOP car inflatable mattress

A perfect solution when you're on the move

If you’re ready to turn your car into a hotel on wheels then the GOTOTOP car inflatable mattress is the best possible solution. This mattress is made from soft flocked PVC which feels both comfortable and stable. It has a built-in inflatable pillow which also doubles up as a backrest. 

This is not only suitable for your car, but you can also use it when camping, on a boat or any other outdoor activities. 

Which inflatable mattress isn't just full of hot air?

Which inflatable mattress you opt for really does depend on who's going to be sleeping on it, how quick you want it to inflate, and how easy you need it to be to store. 

Our favourite inflatable mattress is The Active Era premium king which ticks all the boxes. Not only does it inflate quickly and provide adequate body support but it also has an extra-thick, waterproof top layer and has been designed with a 5 gauge puncture-resistant material meaning this is an inflatable mattress that will be with you for a long time. 

We also love the Sable double size air bed which feels almost as though you’re lying on a real bed and has plenty of room for two. It also comes with a generous 12-month warranty so you can rest easy knowing you’re protected.