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Best garage door openers

(Image credit: Vivint Solar on Unsplash)

Anyone who has come home during a rainstorm can attest that having to manually open and close the garage door is a hassle. Modern garage door openers have a variety of useful features such as quiet motors, automatic closing, battery backup, and even smartphone controls. Check out our collection of the best garage door openers and add this convenience to your trips in and out of the house.

Best overall

(Image credit: Chamberlain)

Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener

Open from far away

Want to know the status of your garage door when you're cozy in bed, or not home, via your smartphone? This model from Chamberlain has lots of features such as a battery backup, guess access for three people, two three-button remotes, and a wireless keypad. Plus, you can open this door from up to 1500 feet away. 

Quiet performance

(Image credit: Amazon)

Direct Drive 1042V004 Garage Door Opener

Prevent disturbing your household

Want to open your garage without waking your entire family? The motor on Direct Drive's garage door opener is incredibly quiet and doesn't cause the vibrations you experience with other models. This opener can work for doors that are seven or eight feet in height, includes two transmitter remotes, and is HomeLink compatible. 

Strong motor

(Image credit: Amazon)

Genie Chain Drive 500 Garage Door Opener

Lift doors up to 350 lbs

If you have a custom garage door that is quite heavy, this Genie model that can lift up to 350 lbs. might be the best option for you. It also comes with a pre-programmed remote, so you won't have to fuss with it during setup, and safety sensors to prevent accidents. You can connect this opener to HomeLink and Car2U, and it installs easily with a five-piece rail system that snaps together. 

Low maintenance

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ATOMS AT-1611 by Skylink

Long lasting LED bulbs

No more guessing what’s wrong with your garage door, since this model has a built-in diagnostic LCD. The safety sensors snap onto the track, so there’s no complicated install process. The overhead light has an LED bulb, so it’s very energy efficient. An optional backup battery can be purchased separately. 

Open up

Getting out of your vehicle, or even off your bike, can mean more time out in the elements to open and close a garage door. For most people, we think the Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener is the best option in our collection. You can open the door from down your road, so the garage is fully opened when you get there. It also lets you add guest access, so there’s no more lending your opener remote to friends and family who are stopping by your home. The additional smartphone access gives you peace of mind since you’ll always know the status of the door. 

If budget is a major concern, then we recommend the Genie Chain Drive 500 Garage Door Opener. While it’s not our lowest priced option, we think it provides the best value. The motor can do heavy-lifting, but also comes with safety sensors so the door won't close on your kids. It's also one of the fastest systems to set up, so you'll have an opener on your garage door in no time.