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Best dog beds   

Best dog bed
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Believe it or not, dogs spend almost half of their life asleep. So, you must get them a dog bed that is going to be comfortable, supportive and made to last. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right dog bed for your pet, such as making sure that you get the right size and shape to suit your dogs sleeping positions. Picking a suitable material is also something you should take into account, for example, if you have a dog that likes to chew then you may need to look for a heavy-duty bed, or if your dog likes to get muddy, you need one that’s machine washable. We’ve put together a guide of the best dog beds so that your dog can be as comfortable as you all night. 

Best overall

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Bedsure memory foam dog bed

A safe space to rest and relax

This dog bed is the ideal place for your dog to catch up on some well-deserved sleep as well as a great place just to kick back and relax. The outer material is a faux linen fabric which doesn’t stain or easily absorb liquid. It also doesn’t attract pet hair, so if your dog sheds, it won’t stick to the bed. 

The inside is a plush, soft micro-sherpa style material with a thick memory foam base which is firm, yet comfortable. It comes in both a medium and large size and can hold dogs up to 34kg. The cover is machine washable for long-lasting freshness. 

Best for small dogs

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Zeexipdr dog bed

Cute and compact just like your dog

This premium dog bed is made using waterproof Oxford material. It’s super comfortable with your dog being able to sink into the soft, plush interior which rebounds quickly to shape when they get out. It has a raised rim which will support their head and neck whilst they sleep. It comes in 4 sizes from small to XL, with the small size being suitable for dogs up to 18lbs.

Best for medium dogs

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Rosewood jumbo cord bed

Giving your dog a space to have forty winks in style

This super stylish dog bed will not only leave your dog feeling refreshed in the morning, but it will also look good in your home too. It has a padded grey cord exterior with a soft, plush inner pillow. You can machine wash it so ideal for dogs who like to get a bit muddy on their walks. 

Best for large dogs

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Bedsure dog bed large

A heavy duty bed for big paws

This heavy-duty bed is perfect for large dogs. It has a cushioned design with a thick microfibre filling that will create a warm, cosy space for your dog. The cover is made from 100% Oxford fabric, so it’s easy to clean and resistant to liquids. If your dog is a chewer or likes to dig, the surface of this bed is scratch-resistant and durable. 

Best memory foam

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The dog’s bed orthopaedic dog bed

A therapeutic bed to offer comfort and relief

Older dogs can suffer from joint pain, so choosing the right bed is more important than ever. This bed has been designed using premium grade orthopaedic memory foam on top of a layer of support foam. The double foam layers will provide relief and comfort for all dogs who suffer from joint conditions such as arthritis. This bed is easy to take care of and comes with a waterproof mattress protector in case of any accidents.

Best for anxious pets

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The dog’s bed sound sleep

Your dog will sleep safe and sound in this bed

Some dogs can feel vulnerable when they sleep, which in turn causes feelings of anxiety. This bed has high sides, and a faux fur feel, which makes a perfect setting for your dog to curl up and feel safe. It also offers excellent body support and will keep your dog warm and comfortable all night long. The covers are removable and washable so you can keep it clean with ease. 

The bottom line

Making sure your dog has somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep is one of your most important jobs as a pet owner. We love the Bedsure memory foam dog bed because it’s suitable for all dogs and will provide them with the ultimate comfort night after night. 

The dog’s sound sleep bed is also another one of our favourites. Anxiety in dogs is a real issue, and this dog bed offers a sense of security and peace for your furry friend. It also looks excellent too so won’t be an eyesore in the corner of your living room.