Best Desk Pads

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Using a desk pad will save your frustrations by protecting the surface while still providing working space. It can also make your work area look neat and organized in addition to the protection from spills and dropped items. Your desk is worth it.

Desk pads come in many sizes and materials to match the decor. They can be small enough for a laptop, or the size of a dining table and the material should enhance the space.

We have studied many desk pads and have created the following shortlist of our best recommendations.

Staff Pick

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Quality leather which is a large mousepad also

The KINGFOM Desk Pad is a high-quality PU leather and MDF (medium density fiberboard) construction with a soft-flannel anti-skid foam underneath. The whole assembly comes as a one-piece to give maximum protection and a comfortable feel. It measures about 24 by 18 inches to give a reasonable work area and is also easy to clean with a soft cloth. The desk pad also contains anti-glare features to help reduce eye strain.

Vintage Design

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Seeso Vintage Designed Desk Mat

Waterproof top

A waterproof top prevents spills from leaking through, and the slip-proof bottom keeps the Seeso Vintage Designed Desk Mat secure. Two clear pockets are convenient to keep pictures or business cards, or even schedules. The mat measure at 25 by 13.4 inches and comes in a stylish pastel design, and you can choose from a range of colors. The clear PVC has a ruler drawn out to measure items while the top of the mat has a crevice to hold a pencil and a pen in place.

Quality Leather

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Plenty Leather Desk Mat

Ideal for desktops and laptops

Measuring 24 by 14 inches, the Plenty Leather Desk Mat is an elegant PU leather pad that not only looks appealing but feels soft to the touch also. It's big enough to comfortably accommodate a computer, mouse, keyboard, and other small items. The pad has an anti-slip base and comes with anti-glare properties to reduce any eye strain. Here is the perfect way to protect your desk surface and enhance the overall look at the same time.

Wood Tones

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Rolodex Wood and Faux Leather Desk Pad

Natural mahogany and black colors with faux leather

Oozing class, the finely crafted warm wood, and faux leather give this Rolodex desk pad a professional elegance. It measures 24 by 19.8 inches and has a wooden top pencil ledge with a curved profile. A soft felt backing protects the desktop surface while the pleasing look portrays your upward mobility aspirations without having to say so.

Large and Durable

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BUBM Desk Pad Protector

A large pad to give plenty of work space

The BUBM Desk Pad is a large, heavy-duty PU leather mat that is also easy to clean. Place your computer, mouse, and keyboard on it, and still have room for other items. The surface can is useful as a mouse pad, and the matte finish enables smoother writing. Getting the right decor may need you to choose another color. Don't worry; the BUBM is available in other colors like dark blue, pink, white, and more.


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ES Robbins Everlife Desk Pad

Minimalistic design with a low profile

If you don't want to hide the desktop features, but still want to protect them, the ES Robbins Everlife Desk Pad is the answer. It's crystal clear with a non-slip surface that protects the desk from scratches and stains. Give your desk a clean and clutter-free look with this transparent pad that's also easy on the pocket.

Dual Sided

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Ysagi New Updated Desk Pad

Nice leather and cork combination

A blend of plant-based cork with high-quality PU leather lets the Ysagi desk pad add a touch of elegance to your desk. Moreover, it's double-sided, easy to clean, and large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse, and keyboard. Pick from a choice of colors to give you the calming effect you want and also feel how comfortable the surface feels as you rest your hands.

Premium Quality

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Dacasso Brown Econo-Line Leather Desk Pad

Top grain leather

Get genuine top-grain leather handsomely designed to give you a superb writing surface. This exceptional bonded leather desk pad from Dacasso comes with soft felt backing and side rails you can use to store business cards. Get that rich look with this premium quality pad and choose whether the brown or black color suits you best.

A desk pad protects the surface and adds to a professional look

A desk pad can go a long way in making your working space look organized in addition to protecting from scratches and spills. It often gets overlooked as a necessity until an incident occurs, and then it's too late.

Don't wait too long to protect your desktop, and we recommend you go with the KINGFOM Desk Pad that is a combination of PU leather, MDF wood, and soft flannel anti-skid foam, all infused in a one-piece combination. It's also anti-glare treated to reduce eye strain.

Another excellent choice is the Rolodex Wood and Faux Leather Desk Pad that provides a touch of elegance without putting a strain on the pocket. The wood-grain edges and the faux leather offer a comfortable writing experience.

Protect your desktop and get that organized look with the right choice of the pad.