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Best comforters

Best comforters
(Image credit: Photo from piqsels)

The best comforters bring a boost of comfort to your home and help you to sleep better. You might be looking for a baby comforter to give as a gift or help your little one get cosy at night. Or you might be looking for one for adults, which often comes in the form of a bedspread or blanket that will make your bed extra comfy. No matter which style you choose, you need a super soft material and something that's machine washable. 

Staff pick for babies

Tommee Tippee comforter

(Image credit: Tommee Tippee)

Tommee tippee soft comforter toy

Soft plush velour

The best comforter for a baby is made by Tommee Tippee and comes in four options: an elephant, a giraffe, a lamb, or a monkey. They're all made with super soft, plush velvet and are very comfortable to the touch.

Each baby comforter comes with a teether on one side and graspable corners so babies have no problem picking it up. It's full of subtle sensory features to help develop their motor skills as they grow. It's also easy to clean and can be put in the washing machine. 

High-tech comforter

myHummy comforter

(Image credit: myHummy )

myHummy snoozy with sleep sensor

Comforter and sleep aid

The myHummy Snoozy with Sleep Sensor will comfort babies with its white and pink noise. It can automatically turn on when it senses the baby is about to wake up to soothe them further. It's also good for babies who suffer from colic.

Budget baby comforter

G-Tree comforter

(Image credit: G-Tree)

G-tree soft touch comforter blanket

Full of fun textures

G-Tree's baby comforter has a range of textures that babies will love to play with, ranging from smooth cotton to knitted velvet. It has plenty of tags to help the baby develop their motor skills. It's also available in seven different designs.

Staff pick for adults

Bedsure comforter

(Image credit: Bedsure)

Bedsure sherpa blanket

Use this comforter anywhere

Bedsure's Sherpa Blanket comforter is double-sided, so you can choose between the fleece side or the plush sherpa side. It's really versatile - you can throw it on your bed, snuggle up on the sofa, or use it outdoors. It's also made from 100% premium microfiber so it dries quickly and it's wrinkle-resistant.

Luxury upgrade

UMI comforter

(Image credit: UMI)

UMI feather down comforter quilt

Hypoallergenic and chic

UMI's feather down comforter is filled with 30% grey down and 70% grey feather that won't clump. It's breathable and has a 13.5 tog rating so it'll keep you cosy in winter. It also has a 300 thread count and comes with tabs to stop it slipping off your duvet cover.

Get cosy with the best comforters

If you're looking for the best comforter for a baby, Tommee Tippee's soft comforter is perfect, because it comes in four designs and is super soft. A great budget option is a comforter from G-Tree. But if you need something that will really boost your baby's sleep, the comforter from myHummy is a fantastic sleep aid that will have a big impact.

For adults, the best comforter is the super cosy blanket comforter from Bedsure. If you'd like something more luxurious, UMI's feather down comforter quilt will delight.