Best baby bath thermometers

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Bath time is a lot of fun for babies and parents alike! While bathwater may feel just right to you, it could be hot or cold for your baby's sensitive skin. Why not use a bath thermometer and take the guesswork out of maintaining a comfortable bath temperature. Besides shielding your little one from cry-inducing temperature shocks, bath thermometers double up as bath toys perfect for engaging your baby's imagination. Here is a list of the very best baby bath thermometers for safe and fun tub time.

Staff pick

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b&h baby thermometer,

A floating rubber ducky

This b&h rubber ducky bath thermometer measures both room and bath water temperature. The thermometer gives off safe and accurate flashes and beeps when water is too hot or too cold. Depending on your preference, the thermometer can display readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and this rubber ducky also doubles as a clock. It's BPA free and made of ABS/PVC environmental protection material. It requires 2 LR44 batteries to work, which are included. Make sure the water is fine every time with this excellent bath thermometer.

Runner-up ducky

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Munchkin White Hot Safety bath ducky

More than a bath thermometer

Munchkin's hot safety ducky displays the word 'HOT' if the bathwater happens to be too hot for a baby's sensitive skin— 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this Munchkin ducky will not tell the exact water temperature or indicate when the water is too cold, it's excellent for preventing bath time burns rather than chills. This classic yellow duck features a watertight construction and a comfortable size and shapes perfect for engaging your little one's imagination.

Color-coded indicator

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Ozeri Turtlemeter

Turtle temps

You and your baby will absolutely love Ozeri, the ever-smiling Turtlemeter baby bath thermometer. The thermometer has zero buttons and activates the moment it hits the bathwater, and calculates the temperature every second. Ozeri conveniently displays temperature in Fahrenheit accompanied by three different colors on an easy to read LCD screen. Color blue when the water is too cold, green when the temp is just right, and red when the water is too hot. Ozeri is big enough to keep your baby company in the tub even as they grow.

Excellent value

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MotherMed baby bath thermometer

MotherMed knows best

This funny stingray shaped thermometer is pretty reliable and removes all guesswork in gauging your baby's bath temperature. It provides accurate water and air temperature readings in one minute. This thermometer is easy to use, just shake it to activate, stir bath water to make the temperature even, and put this bath thermometer into the water. It will flash "hot" with a red flashing light if the water is too warm and will show "cold" if the water temp is too low. The thermometer also doubles as a fun bath toy for your baby and is made from a single piece of BPA free material. The battery is built-in and safely sealed.


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Famidoc baby bath thermometer

No more animals

If your baby dreads toy animals and won't stop crying at the sight of one, the Famidoc flower is an excellent alternative to animal-themed baby bath thermometers. The thermometer is housed in soft plastic with smooth edges and comes in a bright orange color to attract and keep the baby entertained. Since it doesn't have an on-off button, you can automatically power it with a pat/shake or drop it into the bathwater from a 16-inch height — sounds fun? And, it auto shuts after 30 minutes. 

Safe and fast

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Dreambaby room and bath thermometer

Functional little crocodile

This cute green crocodile thermometer from Dreambaby takes the stress out of measuring bathwater temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) while adding a flair of fun. BPA-free and tested to the EN71 standard, this device gives accurate digital temperature readings that automatically update every 10 seconds. As such, it saves you the hassle of continually resetting and re-checking your baby's bath temp. The thermometer uses color-coded indicators flashing red when the water is too hot or green when the water is too cold. It runs on two batteries, which are included and features a 30-minute automatic shut off to help preserve battery lifespan.

Bottom line

Scrub a dub dub and have some fun in the tub while ensuring that the baby's bath is the perfect temp with these fantastic baby bath thermometers.

While each thermometer on this list offers something different and unique, the b&h Baby Thermometer remains our favorite. The rubber ducky doubles as a toy and clock while allowing you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius modes easily.

If you prefer a bigger thermometer, Ozeri, the turtlemeter, makes a great bath companion. Besides smiling all the time, the turtle instantly activates upon heating the bathwater and checks the temperature every second. The smooth and well rounded Famidoc baby bath thermometer offers a perfect alternative to animal-themed thermometers.

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