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Toy boxes we love

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Toy chests and boxes provide a secure place to store children’s action figures and teddy bears while also decorating any bedroom or playroom. Kids and tidying can be somewhat of a challenge, which is why a fun toy box can ensure they’re using a product they engage with to store their belongings away with ease.

Buyers should be weary of the safety of the child they’re choosing the chest for, with the type of lid - how heavy is it is and whether it comes with a hinge to lower it slowly so as not to trap little fingers - being an important factor to take into consideration.

Another is the age and gender of the child, though many modern toy chests are gender neutral, and with all the more female superheroes hitting big screens, Marvel and DC Comics merchandise is a popular choice for both boys and girls. That’s all well and good, but there’s also the matter of the room itself. A Wonder Woman toy chest could look a tad out of place in a girls’ bedroom decorated with ponies or butterflies, which is why it’s key to know the interests of the child as well as the style of room to buy for.

Price is also important as we all love a bargain. Many old fashioned, wooden, heirloom-style pieces will cost more than the eco-friendly collapsible chests. Value for money can be obtained in choosing a chest that doubles up as a bench or a workstation.

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Avengers Folding Soft Storage Bench

Collapsible toy box for a superhero's bedroom

Officially licensed product
Soft fabric to protect toys from being damaged

Marvel fans will have their favourite characters help them clean up toys and protect them overnight with this durable and collapsible Avengers storage box. The soft toy chest doubles up as a bench providing comic enthusiasts with somewhere to sit, play or read about their heroes on.

Measuring 30" x 15" x 15" the chest is a fair size and offers space to store anything from books, figurines, videogames and even Iron Man costumes. The box can be flattened and stored away itself when the occasion suits.

The design aims to provide a vibrant flash of colour to any bedroom - boy's or girl's.

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KidKraft Austin Toy Box

An elegant wood-crafted toy chest and bench combo

Built to last
Step-by-step instructions included
Requires self-assembly

With its classic design and matte finish, this toy chest by KidKraft doubles up as a bench or storage unit providing generous space.

Measuring at 76.2cm x 45.72cm x 53.98cm, the chest has a nifty lid feature that prevents it dropping suddenly on tiny fingers, making it safe. Screws and hinges are included in the price.

 The sturdy wood design makes the piece built to last and assembly comes with simple instructions. A gap either side of the unit is designed for carrying.

Playrooms and bedrooms should be kept tidy and organised thanks to this chest, which comes in a variety of colours to suit child's bedroom.

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Fantasy Fields Outer Space Toy Chest

Out of this world hand-painted toy chest

Slow closing due to safety hinges
Unique design
Requires self-assembly

Aliens, astronauts and lasers aim to entertain little boys and girls as they tidy toys and games in bedrooms and playrooms.

Colourful and quirky, the box's 31.2 x 15.5 x 23.5 inch measurements provide a fair amount of space for toys and also operates as an alternative storage chest. Safety hinges and a gap where the lid closes means kids will be protected from accidents, and a cut out to either side helps with transportation.

The eco-friendly MDF box is beautifully hand-painted with non-toxic paint and comes with instructions on how to put it together. The chest is also useful in helping children with character recognition.

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Gimars Jute Storage Basket Bin Chest Organiser

An eco-friendly toy box with a sturdy design

Eco-friendly material
Rough material
No lid to close the box

Made from an eco-friendly jute material, this toy box is perfect for parents looking to make a difference when it comes to the all-important issue of climate change while not scrimping on style.

Its soft, naturally durable texture protects books from becoming dog-eared or board games from being crushed while providing stability through its wire-framed corners.

The box - with its funky font on the front - is lightweight at 581g and comes with handles for moving it around.

Waterproof and collapsible, the gender-neutral box is ideal for boys or girls bedrooms and can also be used to store clothing and bedsheets.

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Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid

A toy box for little artists

Made from lightweight plastic
Doubles up as an easel
Additional storage for art supplies

This clever design means children can use their toy box as an art easel to doodle and paint from before or after tidying bedrooms or playrooms.

Up to 4.5 cubic feet of interior space is available for kids to store toys beneath a writing surface used for drawing or other fun activities when the lid is closed. The lid has an art clip to secure paper in place as they sit or kneel before the lightweight piece, which weighs just 5.99kg.

The sleek toy chest also includes two supply containers to allow budding artists to store their art materials for maximum organisation.