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As adults, many of us have memories of our legs dangling beneath the table as we battle to reach whatever exciting activity is happening on top. For small children trying to get involved, the struggle is real. Until now. A mini table and chair set just for them is the answer parents and children alike have been searching for! No more diving forward to save them as they teeter on the edge of a towering adult-sized chair – these sets are the ideal size for little ones to get on with what they do best: having fun!

When we were choosing which table and chair sets for children to share with you, we looked for clever design that enables all sorts of artistic ventures and gameplay. But it’s not all about functionality – we made sure to track down some really aesthetically pleasing pieces too, for beautiful additions to any nursery décor. Whether you’re after a traditional desk or something a little more vibrant, we’ve got you covered. 

To find the ideal table and chair set for your child, the question is: what will it be used for? If your kids are really in to art, it’s worth finding a robust table that can take splashes of paint and will help your child get the most out of their creative endeavours. 

If it’s more about having a play surface, look for something smooth and flat with a large surface area. Or if what matters most to you is having a set that lasts, opt for sturdy construction and a design which will stand the test of time with your child’s ever-evolving play. 

It’s also worth considering your child’s growth and the best positioning for them when sitting at a table – feet should be able to touch the floor when they sit back in the chairs. And the space between the seat of the chair and the underside of the table should be around 7-8 inches. 

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Fantasy Fields by Teamson Magic Garden Table

A hand crafted, hand painted, solid wooden table for imaginative, colourful play

Imaginatively decorated using water based non toxic paint
Features solid wood construction for safety and durability
Designed to encourage colour and shape recognition in the child
Careful cleaning of the hand-painted surfaces is required
Chairs sold separately 

If getting your little one to sit down for any length of time can be a bit challenging, this enchanting table could be the answer. Designed to inspire children to play imaginatively, as well as to recognise and respond to colours and shapes, it positively invites little ones to sit down, use and enjoy it. And because each piece is individually decorated, there is something unique about every painted colourful flower, leaf or character.

Water based, non-toxic paint adds an important safety dimension, while the sturdy solid wood construction means that not only should the set last but it is perfect for adventurers from 3 years and up!

An added bonus is that the set can be expanded to include other items from the wide range of Magic Garden bedroom furniture, bookcases, storage units, rocking chair and much more. 

While it isn’t cheap, and the chairs are sold separately, the price is pretty reasonable for a hand painted and hand carved product of this quality.

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Labebe Wooden Activity Table

A unisex design made from hardwood

Rounded edges for safe play
Adorable unisex design (3 choices available)
Made from high quality solid wood
Tip-resistant chairs

If you’re looking for something that ticks all the boxes in terms of a basic table and chair set that your child will love using, this set is well worth checking out. The wipe-clean surfaces makes clearing mess a doddle; it comes in three cute, unisex designs – all of which are made from solid hardwood. It also has with rounded edges for added safety and comes with tip-resistant chairs (a must for a clambering tot!).

Assembly can present a bit of a challenge, but once it’s all set up you can expect this to stay standing through extensive use. The only thing to be cautious of is the surface paint, which can peel if spills are not mopped up quite quickly.

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PlayBuild Kids 4 in 1 Play & Build Table Set

A ‘build and play’ indoor and outdoor activity centre suitable for toddlers +

Multi-use removable table top for block construction games or use as an art surface
Storage area can be filled with sand or water for outdoor use
Easy to clean
The chairs may slide on hard floors or slippery surfaces

Toddlers and young children move from one activity to another at an amazing rate. This activity centre lets them switch from building blocks, (on Lego-compatible plates), to arts and crafts on a smooth white surface or sand and water play with the flip – or removal – of a table top. Built from durable plastic but with no sharp corners or edges, this is an activity centre designed to keep up with the most demanding children’s play.

At 9.5lbs, it is easy to transport outdoors. The airtight ‘storage compartment’ doubles as a shallow tank. It can be filled with water and emptied through the removable plug. Or it can become a ‘sand box’. After use, the sand can be removed and the compartment washed out.

The entire set is easy to clean and to keep germ free! In fact, the plug is so easy to remove that a toddler can do so with no problem so indoor water play for toddlers should probably be carefully supervised! And be careful not to set the chairs on a hardwood or other slippery surface. Any plastic will slide easily and the plastic chairs are no exception.

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Chicos My Adjustable Desk

Adjustable child’s drawing and painting desk

Convenient storage: generous compartment under the desktop and equipment holders
Light enough to move easily (great for toddler supervision when you need to move around the house!)
Height adjustable for your child and for adjustment as your child grows
Not specified as BPA free

For the little artist in your life. This is a mobile art desk with space and storage for all the equipment that a creative tot might need. And when art time is over, everything can be stored away under the worktop.

Weighing in at a little under 12lbs, the combined desk and chair unit can easily go where you do – kitchen, living room, study or bedroom. So when you can’t stay in one place, and you don’t want to interrupt their creative flow, you can simply pick up and go, relocate your artist, desk and all… without interfering with play!

Bright, attractive colours and a well-designed, comfortably shaped desktop and chair make it a pleasure for any child to use. Overall, it will encourage focused, creative play by providing a dedicated space just for those creative and imaginative activities, which are so important in early years development.

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Alex Artist Studio My Art Desk Kids Art Supplies

Wooden art table with paper roll (and in-built cutter) and alternative chalkboard surface

Fantastic storage space for all your art equipment 
Easy roll paper with child-safe cutter to encourage independent play
Very generous surface area with chalkboard coating 
Made from solid wood and very heavy

Anything that allows your little one to practice independent play is a bonus. They get to feel a sense of freedom most young children don’t often get to enjoy, and parents can take five with a cup of tea! This excellent craft table offers just that. 

With its multiple pot holders, paper roll attachment and in-built child-friendly cutter, kids can spend as much time as they like getting creative without having to stop to ask for more art supplies. Chalkboard paint coats the tabletop, so that if paints are too much hassle the creativity can continue with no-mess chalks.

The vast surface space makes this table suitable from age 3 right up to 8 or 9-years-old, and it’s perfect for friends to sit together too. This is one purchase that’s likely to last and thanks to its durable solid wood construction (although with tabletop and bench tops made from composite), it’s likely survive that long too. 

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