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Best Lego Tables

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Trying to keep track of every lego block you buy for children isn't an easy task. They're small, easily lost, and when you step on one at an inopportune moment, it's gonna hurt. That's where these awesome lego tables come in. Each table offers up a place to store legos when your kids aren't playing, and a place to enjoy them when they are ready to build something new. While there are a variety of awesome tables out there, the best of the best is the YouHi Kids Activity Table. Built with kids in mind it's sturdy, easy to open, and has a bottom shelf along with internal storage, letting it be a place for more than just building blocks. 

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YouHi Kids Activity Table

Reasons to buy
+Best Overall+Available in several colors+Perfect height for children+Built-in storage for blocks

There is a wide variety of activity tables available on the market. These tables act as a place for your kids to play and store their toys when not in use. While it looks like furniture that Mom or Dad might have elsewhere in the house, it's small stature makes it the perfect size for the kids in your life. 

The YouHi Activity Table wins out over the competition because of its size, construction, and the sheer amount of space for storing legos when they aren't in use. The table comes in one of three different finishes, which means it can easily fit into the design scheme of any home. It stands just under two feet tall, which makes it the perfect size for kids as they grow. However, older children may want to pull up a chair to be comfortable while playing. 

Storage is also in strong supply with this table. A small bottom shelf can hold bins or boxes, and you can remove the top of the table easily. Inside is a recessed lego board for kids to play on. This is especially handy because kids can start building and leave their projects unattended without worrying about them being messed with or knocked over. The table is also a bit sturdier than a lot of the competition, thanks to the bottom shelf. 

Overall the YouHi Activity Table delivers the best lego table available today. It's a solid table with tons of storage space, which means that you won't be stepping on errant legos anytime soon. With three different color options and a size built with children in mind, this activity table does everything you need it to do without going overboard. 

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Tot Tutors Kids 2-in-1 Activity Table

Reasons to buy
+Best Value +Super affordable+Two different color schemes available+Space to store legos when not being played with 

While activity tables built for legos or other activities are easy to find, locating ones that are easy on your wallet isn't. Many tables are just way too expensive for parents who are on a budget. The Tot Tutors Kids 2-in-1 Activity Table aims to be an affordable option for your kids, even if it does come with a few small drawbacks. The table itself lacks any hard corners, includes storage for legos when they aren't in use and also comes with chairs. 

Like many activity tables, this model comes with a top that can be moved. When kids aren't playing with legos, it serves as an excellent place for drawing or using coloring books. The construction of the table only involves snapping together pieces, which also makes it easy to move. When you do remove the top, you're looking at lego plates for playing on with a recessed cavity for storage. One of the only downsides of this table is that it is relatively small. While that makes it great for toddlers and young children, they are going to outgrow it within a year or two. 

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UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table

Reasons to buy
+Best for Multiple Children +Available in several colors+Table comes with chairs +Built-in storage for blocks

When you have several children, finding a play space that will work for all of them at the same time can be a challenging prospect. The UTEX 2-in-1 Activity Table aims to give your kids an area that is all their own and comes with both the activity table and chairs. It looks like standard furniture, just a bit smaller than what an adult would use. 

The 2-in-1 activity table comes with a tabletop that can be flipped between a flat top or lego top. While Parents will want to be the ones to flip the table, it isn't particularly heavy, just a bit unwieldy for small hands to handle. Under the tabletop are a pair of bins that can be used to store legos or other building blocks when not in use. However, it is worth mentioning that the containers will need to be carefully installed when parents first build the table, or you may run into issues with them down the line. 

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KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board

Reasons to buy
+Best without Chairs +Rounded corners keep kids safe+Two-sided play surface+Comes with 200 building blocks 

Legos and building blocks are some of the more popular toys for children thanks to their emphasis on imaginative and creative play. However, they can be a headache for parents with small pieces that are easily lost or stepped on. The KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board offers up a way to keep all of those little pieces in one place and give your child a space that is all their own for play. 

This 2-in-1 activity table is built with kids in mind, which is apparent when you see its size. Your kids won't be able to use a chair, but it is the perfect height for sitting on the floor while they play. The board on top of the table is double-sided and hides a spot that can easily hold several hundred lego blocks when not in use. One of the only downsides is that the block side of the table board isn't explicitly made for legos. What that means is that not all legos will snap into place, although enterprising parents can swap the board out for lego boards if it becomes an issue. 

(Image credit: Kidkraft)

KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table

Reasons to buy
+Best for Versatility +Internal storage+Easy to open table+Space for storing three bins

With the variety of different activity tables available on the market, finding the one that is right for you and your family isn't always an easy task. This is especially true if you have multiple children who want to play at the same time, or you need to keep a large number of building blocks organized. The KidKraft Building Brick Play N Store Table offers the versatility to get you everything you need in one package.  The table opens to reveal multiple storage containers and is wide enough for at least two children to play at once. 

The table is built with kids in mind, which means that the way that it opens is safe and keeps small fingers from being pinched in the process. Each side of the table has its own playspace. This allows kids to enjoy their legos together, or build creations separately depending on the day and their mood. It also includes building bricks to get kids started even if they don't yet have a collection of legos of their own. 

Bottom Line 

Each of the activity tables that we've recommended here delivers an excellent way to store and play with legos. Whether you have only one child or a gaggle who want to play together, there is an option here that matches up with every family. However, the best of the best is undoubtedly the YouHi Kids Activity Table 

This table offers up far more storage options than the competition, along with being incredibly sturdy, offering up a variety of colors for parents to choose from, and being the perfect size for children. If you want a lego table that goes above and beyond, this is the one to snag. 

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