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Bath toys we love

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Rubber ducks may seem like a bath time novelty for youngsters but in truth, there is a whole wider spectrum to the use of the average baby bath toy. Bath time can require a little effort to convince baby to relax in the water. This is where imaginative toys, games and even puzzles can come in to take baby’s mind off the feel and temperature of the water as well as their unusual surroundings.

But it isn’t just the distraction of bath toys that make them so crucial for baby not to feel vulnerable in the tub, mums and dads will of course want their toddler to enjoy that beautifully special and intimate experience too. Bath time is all about baby’s freedom to explore the tub and the water with 100 percent safety as well as with maximum fun. Though picking the ‘right’ toy can be somewhat of a minefield.

Safety is paramount when deciding on the right bath toys for you baby, with aspects to consider being the softness of the material, whether toys come apart causing potential choking hazards and whether regular cleaning is needed to prevent children being exposed to dirty water.

Also, although colours are important for attracting the attention of your tot, it’s vital not to take toys at face value, for they may not be best for challenging baby’s development. Children pick up much of their hand-eye coordination through toys and games, and so it’s essential that children are both entertained and intrigued by their toys.

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DEMEDO Soft Watering Bath Toys for Kids

A bright pack of soft rubber bath toys

Soft material
Hard to damage
Two types of cloud, no sun

Bath time for babies and toddlers can be a challenge, with some tots taking time to learn to trust the water regardless of the temperature. This pack of four soft rubber bath toys work by making bath time more inviting for children while at the same time stimulating their development.

The adorable bunch of weather-themed cartoon characters feature Rain, Cloud, Rainbow and Thunder Cloud and all boast bright colours and smooth edges. Not only do the tub time characters teach tots about the simple physics of the all-important cycle of water but they also assist in helping to get children used to washing their hair.

The toys are designed to be too large to fit into baby's mouth, to prevent against choking. They also aid baby's motor skills while demonstrating cause and effect while stimulating their imaginations and their senses.

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JUNSHEN Bath Toys Floating Dinosaur Bath Toys

Tots can make friends with six colourful dino playmates

No harmful materials produced during bathing
Soft rubber material
Good value for the price
Requires periodic cleaning

With an array of bright and funky colours on offer to tantalise children at bath time, these adorable characters make perfect first pals for babies to help them get used to the water at a young age.

The fun rubber toys make a sound when squeezed to appeal to a variety of senses while the more unusual colours offer parents an aid to develop baby's visual recognition skills, eye-hand co-ordination and motor skills.

A fun bath time experience is on offer with these floating toys, made of 100 percent rubber. They can also withstand high bath temperatures without leaking potentially harmful chemicals.

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MUNCHKIN Swimming Scuba Buddy Wind Up Bath Toy

Wind up his arms and watch him go!

No batteries required
Floating mechanism
Made of hard plastic
Expensive for its size

This cute little fella has the ability to make mums and dads chuckle with delight as well as children thanks to its wind-up mechanism that enables it to swim, with the aim of keeping tots entertained during baths. The plastic toy's arms wind up to give the little bird a kick-start across the surface of the water.

The toy measures 13 x 10 x 4.5cm in size, with no loose parts for tiny hands to clasp while playtime takes place. No batteries are needed and imaginative play is encouraged. Small holes have been installed on the design so water can be drained after play.

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TOMY Boon Pipes Baby Bath Toy

Five interconnecting water pipes to tantilise young minds

No lose parts
Tubes all float
More pipes available for more complex designs
Transparent white pipe may get lost in water

Though the pack comes with five multi-coloured interconnecting pipes, more can be purchased to make designs all the more complex thanks to the pipes' universal fittings. Each pipe has a different function and can be used singly or to create a labyrinth of mesmerising water paths.

The pipes aim to encourage creative water play, with each tube boasting a suction cup to avoid spillages outside of the tub. The floating pipes have no lose fittings and therefore no choking hazards are included. The set is for children of a variety of ages beyond four.

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LUKAT Bubble Machine for Kids

An automatic bubble-maker for bath and outdoor fun

Value for money
Bubble solution included
Customer service and sales support on offer
Batteries not included

This bright bubble-blowing cartoon octopus is designed to demand children’s attention inside the tub or outside. Made for a list of occasions and activities including tub time, birthday parties ­- indoors and outside - school discos and more, the pour-in and pour-out solution provides up to 45 minutes of continuous use.

The colourful octopus has a powerful battery-operated motor providing an output of over 1,000 bubbles per minute. The toy includes up to 12 blowing wands installed inside the head. The octopus is made of a non-toxic ABS plastic, the bubble machine also does not make for any leaking hazards or solution spillages.