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Baby blankets we love

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Shopping for a baby blanket is a special moment. Not only does it make a little one’s arrival feel real, but many of them become treasured keepsakes passed down through generation. An ideal gift for baby showers, baby blankets – or receiving blankets, as they’re known in the US – come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. 

A swaddling blanket is one designed to be wrapped around your baby to prevent her from startling herself awake. Coverlets and comforters tend to be thicker blankets are best used in the buggy or when it’s very cold. A cotton cellular blanket is the ideal choice for your baby’s bed, as it allows the air to circulate at the same time as adding a layer of warmth.

From a practical mindset, it’s important consider how they’re used day to day. Keep in mind that the risk of SIDS is increased with overheating. A baby can overheat if the room is too warm, or because of too much clothing or bedding. Safe sleeping guidelines recommend using layers of lightweight blankets because it’s easy to adjust your baby’s temperature by removing or adding a blanket. 

It’s better to use fewer blankets and add to them rather than using too many layers. Also remember that if you fold the blanket, it’s the equivalent of using two blankets. Meanwhile, if it’s very warm, you may not need to use any at all. A lightweight baby sleeping bag is a good alternative to a baby blanket, with the added advantage that your baby can’t kick it off at night.

When using a blanket, make sure you place your baby on her back with her feet touching the bottom of the crib or cot. Blankets should be tucked in with no loose bedding, and they should not come up above your baby’s shoulders. 

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Mimixiong Cellular Baby Blanket

Add a layer of stylish warmth to your baby’s bedding

Excellent value
Allows air to circulate
Not machine washable

Made from super-soft 100% acrylic, this is a medium-weight knitted baby blanket that would make a beautiful yet practical gift for a new baby or expectant mum. 

Available in a range of different stylish colours – you can even match it to your baby’s nursery if you plan to use it on her bed. It’s also suitable for use as a stroller or pram blanket and since it’s generously sized for maximum coverage, it could even be used as a picnic blanket or child’s play mat. Mimixiong make children’s products with a focus on health, using high-quality, breathable fabrics.

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Bubzi Co Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Capture precious moments of your baby’s first year with this unique blanket

Brilliant baby shower gift
Keepsake item
Not as thick as other blankets

This is such a brilliantly designed baby blanket. You can use it to take commemorative photographs of your baby to record key milestones, week by week and month by month, right up until her first birthday. It has an enchanted woodland theme, and it’s made from soft cotton that’s hypoallergenic, breathable and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. 

This blanket would make the perfect new baby gift for a social media loving mum. It’s ideal for a baby shower gift and is sure to become a keepsake item that parents will want to pass down to future generations! It’s also super easy to use – simply place the little green leaf and yellow circle to ring the relevant number of weeks or months.

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Isla + Fraser Organic Cotton Cellular Baby Blanket

Keep your baby warm without risk of overheating with this stylish blanket

Machine washable
Unisex colours
Organic cotton

This breathable baby blanket is made from 100% organic cotton, which is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It’s extra soft and gentle, while being suitable for very delicate or sensitive baby skin. Because it’s lightweight and breathable, you can adjust your baby’s temperature with ease. 

Since this cellular blanket is machine washable up to 30C, it’s ideal for popping in your changing bag for when you’re out and about. Rather refreshingly, the colours are unisex – ideal if the parents are opting for a gender-neutral colour scheme.

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Wallaboo Baby Blanket Noa

Add a cosy splash of warmth and colour to your baby’s cot or crib

Warm but lightweight
Not as soft as other types of blanket

This knitted baby blanket is made from 100% pure organic cotton, so it’s well suited to babies with sensitive skin. It’s available in a variety of bold colours too – perfect if you want to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral nursery. 

Practically speaking, its size lends itself to multi-purpose use so you can include it as part of your baby’s bedding or take it out with you for use in a pram or stroller. Being machine washable, as well as drying quickly, this knitted blanket is very easy to care for. 

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