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Wheeled Luggage we love

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It’s hard to imagine life without wheels on our luggage, and whether they do a 360̊ spin or stay in place, they make moving luggage from home to transport and hotel a whole lot easier. The wheeled luggage we love covers different shapes and sizes of bags and suitcase for all the family, whether you are a 5 year old going on your first holiday, a hiker heading to the mountains or an entrepreneur on a business trip.

Think about what you might be packing and when, and what your wheeled luggage of choice will be most used for. There are choices to suit all budgets from well-known travel and outdoor brands, and some smaller names, with details about what you’ll get for the type of product and price you’re considering. Across the board, it’s worth looking out for security options as some cases will come with integrated TSA locks or RFID pockets which will give you peace of mind during travel. 

It’s also worth looking at the design features included in each option, such as compression straps, interior and exterior pockets, shoe tunnels, which will all come in handy for even the most haphazard packer. These will vary depending on price, so check out all the specs for what’s included, specifically if you are looking for features like protective buffers, multi-height locking handles, or certain types of materials in hard or soft shell cases.

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Timberland Lightweight Wheeled Duffle (30 inches)

A duffle for travellers

Not quite a suitcase, yet more than a bag, this 30-inch Timberland Wheeled Duffle catches the eye for all the right reasons. Timberland build their bags to last, with attention to detail and high-quality materials beneath the signature branding and unisex style.

Aimed at the outdoor market, this spacious duffle is great for active holidays or camping, where you need good size luggage for all your clothing and gear, without the bulky shape of a traditional suitcase. It’s also a great option for university students who want an easy way to transport all their ‘stuff’ between home and halls.

Feature wise, there’s a front zip pocket for quick access to your documents, and the flexible interior compartment has a tunnel pocket to neatly store your shoes. All packed? Then you can use the carry handles, or wheel it through the terminus on to your next adventure.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Coolife Expandable 28” Suitcase

Organise your packing

If you’re looking for a hard shell wheeled suitcase that can deliver on detail, then this Coolife model is one to fall in love with. The 28 inch expandable suitcase comes in different colour ways and has been fitted with all you need to keep your clothes and other personal items safe and secure as you travel.

The exterior was manufactured to withstand handling, with protectors on each corner, an integrated TSA lock for safety, and 4 spinner wheels that will see it to check in with ease. Use the telescopic or side carry handles to lift the suitcase and open to a spacious interior. A key feature of this product is the ability to easily organise your packing, with the zippered divider pockets and fastening straps, and with the ability to expand the space, it’s not just your clothes that will be coming home with you, it’s your souvenirs too.

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MiniMAX Children’s Cabin Luggage

The perfect kids carry-on

Let your children join in the holiday excitement from day one with their very own carry-on suitcase from the MiniMAX range. This affordable cabin luggage can be switched between a wheeled cabin bag, or backpack, with plenty of storage options designed with children in mind.

Made from soft shell polyester, this spacious cabin bag has easy-access exterior pockets where you can put boarding passes, colouring books or snacks you might want to reach quickly. There’s also a pouch designed to hold a favourite teddy so they can travel safely with you on holiday.

This carry-on bag comes with a fun MiniMAX owners passport, and a 2-year warranty for parent’s peace of mind to keep all the family happy on short breaks, stay-cations with family or longer holidays.

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Antler Juno Medium Metallic Suitcase

A stylish hard shell

You’ll never miss your luggage on the baggage reclaim belts again with this sleek and shiny 70-litre capacity suitcase from Antler. There is a spacious interior, with compression straps to keep your clothes secure, and plenty of space for shoes, accessories, and travel gadgets, this good sized spinner will suit longer trips.

The hard shell metallic case and 360 ̊wheels have been designed with handling and ease of movement in mind, and unlike some less expensive models, it also has an adjustable locking handle. It’s not only easy to use, but has plenty of room for storing items for a couples or family short break or weekend away, or a longer trip for one person. Choose a different colour option or complete your set with a cabin or large size wheeled case for the ultimate luggage haul.

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Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-on Bag

Stylish cabin bag

Organised packing is the best packing and this stylish carry-on bag from Travelon will help you do just that, whether you are heading off on a weekend break or going on a business trip. This wheeled cabin-size bag comes in a variety of colours, with some handy organisational design features to help keep all your packing safe and secure.

Handy zip pockets on the exterior offer easy access to all your travel documents, while an anti-theft RFID pocket inside will keep your bank cards and passports secure. Inside the main compartment compression straps will keep your clothes neat and secure, while the organisational pockets are ideal for footwear, toiletries, and accessories.

If you’re going to choose a new cabin bag soon, make sure you choose one with good storage options like this one that you can wheel out of your wardrobe, and on to your next adventure with ease.