The best natural lip balms for an intense moisture boost

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The discomfort of dry lips can strike at any time of year, with the stark contrast of cold weather and indoor heating in winter months and air conditioning in the height of summer only making things worse. But before you reach for your usual lip balm, it’s worth taking time to consider whether the product you’re slathering on is really doing you any good – the answer lies in the ingredients label.

Many of the classic lip balms you may be familiar with might seem soothing on first application, but the petroleum bases so often used in these cosmetics (yes, petroleum as in a by-product of the petrol industry) can cause your lips to dry out further in the long run. Not to mention the harm the likes of these chemicals and the synthetic perfumes used for those sweetie-like scents is potentially doing to your body as a whole. After all, what goes on will inevitably go in.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of fantastic, all-natural lip balms available packed with super-hero ingredients. Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm gets our vote for its amazing hydrating prowess, all natural ingredients and low price.

When choosing your new lip balm, look for nourishing oils such as coconut, hemp, olive; moisturising cacao butter; anti-oxidant fruit pigments and therapeutic essential oils all chosen to truly heal and repair lips. Not just conceal a problem.

Here, we’ve got the short-list of some of the best natural lip balms out there, chosen for their exceptional performance, delightful flavours and impressive results that are bound to make you a convert to organic alternatives.

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Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm

Reasons to buy

Organic overnight lip treatment

Of all the lip balms we’ve ever tried, this is by far one of the best! Despite the affordable price-tag, it feels luxurious in every sense. The natural vanilla flavour and scent is very pleasant, not cloying or overpowering like synthetic vanilla fragrance often is. The intense over-night hydration is second to none, equally suitable for normal to very dry lips, and it lasts for hours.

We love the addition of sleep inducing ingredients to help you catch some real beauty Zzs too, but don’t worry – it’s perfectly safe to use during the day too!

If you’re looking for a lip balm that’s naturally restorative and leaves you seriously soft and kissable, this is for you.

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Dr Bronners Naked Lip Balm

Reasons to buy

Simple, organic lip balm

The Dr Bronners brand has been at the forefront of the natural cosmetics movement for a very long time, so it’s no surprise that their lip balm lives up to the test. Although available in a variety of flavours, we’ve gone for their scent-free ‘naked’ option because we’re impressed with how truly flavourless it is!

The inclusion of beeswax does mean this is non-vegan, but for those who don’t mind that this ingredient helps prevent the stick from melting in your pocket despite being mostly made of oils (Avocado Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil).

We found the basic but effective organic ingredients to be noticeably nourishing for dry lips without leaving any waxy residue or unwanted taste. This makes this an excellent option for people with allergies who want to keep their lips smooth and healthy.

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Dr Lipp Original

Reasons to buy

For luscious lips

Don’t be thrown by the ‘nipple balm’ tag line – this 100% lanolin product packs a hefty punch when it comes to protecting and hydrating your lips. And just about everything else.

We found it a little tricky to squeeze out of the tube and couldn’t help but feel put off at first by how sticky it felt right after application, but it quickly absorbed and left our lips feeling fantastic pretty much all day. Without having to reapply! It’s only one ingredient (Lanolin from sheep’s wool) but it’s really all that’s needed for everyday use. We were impressed by how well it sealed in moisture and formed a barrier for exceptional protection against harsh weather.

The tube is small, but you need such a tiny amount and it lasts so long that you won’t run out of this in a hurry making it great value for money.

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Korres Lip Butter

Reasons to buy

A buttery, tinted balm

If you love a bit of colour in your balm, you’ll adore these sheer tints by Korres. Packed with smoothing, soothing, moisture-boosting butters, oils and extracts while remaining free from parabens, mineral oil, petroleum and other nasties, these handy little pots will keep your pout looking and feeling amazing.

The shades are just lovely, with the slightest hint of a glossy finish that lasts at least a couple of hours. And while not the most powerfully hydrating balm out there (so perhaps not the first choice for very dry, problem lips) it does offer gentle moisturisation to see you through the day.

One point worth noting is, although much more natural than your average petroleum-based lip balm, there are a few chemical additives included in the ingredients. But the overall result might just be enough for you to want to take the hit!

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Bricknell Lip Balm

Reasons to buy

A deeply moisturising balm

Sick of the shine you get from your average lip balm? This fresh peppermint offering from Bricknell will be a revelation!

It’s been created with men in mind, but is of course suitable for anyone who craves a hydrated, protected pout without a trace of gloss – something that’s hard to come by in lip balms, but is certainly achieved here. We found the powerful formulation of organic olive oil and vitamin E to be very nourishing throughout the day and perfectly matte, but the peppermint smell and taste was pretty strong! Not necessarily a down-point, just worth noting before you buy.

The added SPF 15 makes this a top pick for anyone who needs a bit of extra sun-protection – a must for sunny days or if you’re heading off on a snowy ski trip.

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