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The best floral perfumes for women

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Our signature scent speaks volumes about us – it becomes our own personal calling card, evoking a myriad of memories and emotions.

But there’s no doubt that seeking out a new scent can be a challenge, albeit an enjoyable one. The heady smells at the fragrance counter are often deliciously overwhelming, making it tricky to separate one aroma from another. And just like in love, it’s often instinct that tells us when we finally find The One.

When you’re on the lookout for a new fragrance, it’s worth taking a little time to consider which aromas sing to you. For example, if you love the scent of roses, L’Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette may be your perfect partner. Or, for an uplifting burst of spring, Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne is hard to beat.

And when you do find the scent for you, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure it makes a long-lasting impression. Apply it onto your wrists, behind your ears and the pulse points on your neck, because these areas are naturally warmer, which emphasises the fragrance. But do avoid the inevitable temptation to dab your wrists together, because rubbing can break down the enzymes and make it fade faster. Instead, just spritz and go!

(Image credit: L'Occitane)

L’Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette

Light and elegant

Gently romantic
Sweet yet not sickly
Ideal for day or night
It’s not cheap

This light, French-made scent is oh so feminine. It opens on notes of pink pepper, lychee and raspberry, before giving way to its heart of Provence and Damask rose, laced with a subtle hint of violet. Warming, earthier base notes of patchouli, amber and white musk linger on, ensuring that while this perfume may be sweet, it doesn’t become in any way sickly. We found it an ideal option for women who love rose, but want a modern, refreshing take on the traditional scent. It’s also elegant and eminently wearable, making it in our opinion a great bet for almost any occasion.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Arden)

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau de Toilette

Fresh and uplifting

Subtle scent
Stylish bottle  
Great value   
Unlikely to last as long as an Eau de Parfum

This clean and calming fragrance kicks off with refreshing top notes of sparkling Italian Mandarin, Clary Sage Essence and fresh Japanese White Fern. Warm, floral middle notes of Turkish Rose and White Iris soon follow, before being balanced out by warm, velvety Tonka Bean, Madras Wood and Ambrette Seed Absolute. The overall effect? A delicate floral scent with very subtle woody, musky hints. It isn’t remotely overpowering and, at such a purse-friendly price, you can happily spritz away throughout the day with abandon. The sleek rectangular bottle also earns some serious style points for its understated yet sophisticated design.

(Image credit: Coach)

Coach New York, Floral Blush Eau de Parfum

Sweet and sensual

Instagram-worthy bottle   
Soft yet strong scent
No lid, but the nozzle is designed to prevent spillages

With its elegant oval glass bottle and pretty pink tea rose charm, this Instagram-worthy scent feels like a real treat before you’ve even spritzed it onto your wrists. Instead of a lid, the silver nozzle has a clever twist function, designed to ensure you won’t accidentally waste any of your precious potion. We found the fruity, floral fragrance to be both bold and sweet, with top notes of sparkling goji berry giving way to vibrant peony. The overall impact is well balanced – a soft yet strong scent, which gradually dissipates into a gentler floral aroma. We found it to be long-lasting too.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Toilette

Fruity and floral

Pretty packaging   

Thanks to its lace polka dot bow, this gorgeous faceted glass bottle will look fabulous on any girl’s bathroom shelf. Fragrance has to be about much more than eye candy though, and fortunately the contents do smell every bit as good as you’d hope. Inspired by Paris, the city of love, this eau de toilette begins with the scent of raspberry, blackberry and bergamot, which is swiftly followed by notes of white peony, datura, orange blossom and jasmine. Patchouli and sensual white musk add a warming, woody base, making this fragrance very alluring. We found it floral, yet also sexy and ever so slightly spicy.

(Image credit: Jo Malone)

Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne

Crisp and uplifting

Evocative of spring
Luxuriant yet understated
Perfect for day or night
Expensive, but it feels like a treat

Crisp and light, this uplifting fragrance instantly conjures up joyful images of spring and sun-soaked fields. Supermodel Poppy Delevingne wore it on her wedding day, even teaming it with matching candles in the same scent, and we can certainly see why. From the very first spritz, we inhaled a delicious burst of clementine flower, followed by notes of orange blossom, water lily and gently spicy white lilac flower. The base notes of powdery orriswood and green vetiver add a warmth, softness and sweetness, making an elegant yet delightfully understated scent. It’s everything we expected from Jo Malone, and possibly more.

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