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Luggage straps we love

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So you've spent an age jumping up and down on your suitcase after filling it to the brim and now you're worried that, with a throw of a baggage handler, it's going to burst open leaving your delicate clothing strewn across the hold of the plane.

In such situations, it's time to get yourself a luggage strap. Not only are they inexpensive, but they will also help prevent your bag from opening during transit and ensure that everything inside makes it to the same destination as you: a small price worth paying for reducing potential headaches at the other end.

The best luggage straps are those which are strong and adjustable so that they can be firmly secured around bags that are big or small. It's even better if you can get a luggage strap with a security lock, although you'll need to ensure it's TSA approved so that security officials can open it, otherwise they are likely to take a knife to the straps.

Straps can also add an extra identifier to your luggage, more so if your bag is a regular sort that could blend into the sea of luggage heading your way on the carousel. And if you want to add extra items to your bag, such as a laptop, a strap can ensure they're nicely secured, although this may be more of a concern if you're taking hand luggage on your travels.

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ORB Travel Premium Designer Luggage Strap

Reasons to buy
+Strap that catch your eye

If one of the primary reasons for buying a luggage strap is to ensure you can spot it from a 1,000 paces at the airport carousel, then you're going to be spoiled for choice here. ORB has created a colourful and distinguishable range of adjustable straps and, since the quick-connect buckle has been designed to securely close, it should also prevent your bag from busting open in transit too.

Just be aware, if you're buying from the UK, that not all of the colours are shipped direct from Amazon UK and will be imported from the United States (a good number will come from a UK warehouse, however, and let you benefit from Prime delivery). Different designs can also vary in price too.

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Travelon Bag Bungee Strap

Reasons to buy
+Hold it all on top

If you have any extra bags or fancy getting comfortable by taking off your coat, you don't need to wrestle with these items or sling them on top of your case where they risk slipping off. Instead, you can attach this bungee strap to the suitcase handle and secure the items in place.

The straps can be wiped clean of any spillages and while they only come in black, the elastic cording should mean they're able to stretch over bulky extras. To use it, you will need luggage with single or double pole telescoping handles but most cases come with them.

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BlueCosto Luggage Straps

Reasons to buy
+Brightly colored

It's a good job you're going on your travels because, chances are you may have packed some sunglasses. They'll be just the job for looking at the luridly vivid colours of this set of straps. You can choose bright green, blue or pink to help your cases stand out from the crowd. It's also possible to buy more than one which will save you some money.

Some of the packages in the UK also come with a luggage tag made of flexible PVC rubber but even if the one you choose doesn't have that addition, you're still getting an adjustable heavy duty strap that you'll want to pull firmly around your case. It also has a buckle that the maker has designed to be strong enough to avoid bending. This one's caught our eye, for sure.

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ZINZ High Elastic Suitcase Bungees

Extra sturdy bungee cord

Reasons to buy
+Extra sturdy bungee cord

Why have one strap going around your bag to hold it together when you could double it up? That's what the elastic Zinz bungees offer as they stretch around cases to stop them from bursting open, although it can be used to secure extra baggage as well, making it doubly useful.

Since the bungees come in different colours, they allow you to better personalise your luggage and, when they're not in use, the straps also tidy away neatly so that the item can be carried or stored. Use this item if you care for your belongings, too, since the soft elastic means it shouldn't cut into your luggage and leave marks or dents.