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Hair accessories we love - from stylish scrunchies to snappy clips

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Whatever it is you need to do with your hair – scrape it back, style it for a special occasion or just have a bit of fun with it – you can bet there’s a hair accessory to help. What’s more, you can find products to suit every taste, from chic and subtle through to items encrusted with enough glitter to light up a room.

While there isn’t much that can be done to improve the mechanics of a hair accessory – they either clip, slide or tie – there are a couple of considerations to be aware of beyond how an item looks. The first is measurements. Even though something might be labelled as being for adults, look at the measurements to make sure the product will suit your head size. You also need to be realistic about the type of hair you have. If you are sporting luscious locks, hair bands that aren't much bigger than your little finger won't be much use, and chunky statement slides will probably just droop sadly on fine hair. 

Given the overwhelming choice available, it can be difficult to ferret out the products that do things in a better way or offer something a little bit special. Which is why we have dived in to the world of hair accessories to cherry pick the ones we love. You’ll find something here suitable for pretty much any hair type, and most of the products also come in different colour options, so you can pick the perfect item for your taste.

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Elcoho snap hair clips

A bumper collection of hair clips for any occasion Pros: Lots of variety

Lots of variety
You get spares
Size suitable for child and adult
You are sent random colours

Unless you are sporting a buzzcut, hair grips always come in handy. The problem is, there always seems to be one that goes missing but this bundle of 80 grips should keep you going for a while. The metal snap clips are covered with a vibrant coloured coating to prevent any rusting and come packaged in a handy bag for storage. You are sent a random selection of colours, which makes it feel like a lucky dip, and there is even the option for some novelty designs like rainbows, unicorns and animals. Not much can be done to revolutionise the design of a snap clip but the variety of colours – and the fact you get spares for when you invariably lose one – make this pack a good buy.

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Molyhua velvet scrunchies

Make friends with this 1980s style icon

A colour to suit any outfit
Strong elastic prevents slippage
Soft fabric is kind to hair
Might struggle to wrap more than once on very thick hair

Ahhhh scrunchies. Anyone of a certain age will remember them as being an essential fashion item of the 1980s, spending as much time wrapped around your wrist as tying back your hair. Well the scrunchy is back and this pack of 48 is the perfect way to relive any past scrunchy obsession – or kick off a new one.

The beauty of a scrunchy is that because it is fabric – in this case, velvet – wrapped around elastic, there is nothing to snag on your hair, however tight you wrap it. And the beauty of this particular bundle of scrunchies is that it works through the entire colour wheel, so you are guaranteed to find one that matches your mood.

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Hipsy hair bands

Could this solve the problem of uncomfortable hair bands?

Size can be adapted
Suitable for young and old
Many styles available
Expensive compared to other hair bands

It can seem as though you get to a certain age and all of a sudden hair bands are incredibly tight. The plastic ones pinch behind the ears, while elastic ones can slip and make you look like a tennis player from the 1970s.

These hair bands from Hipsy have an interesting tweak that aims to solve that. The band has an adjuster that works like a bra strap, meaning that a child or adult can take the same hair band and adjust it to fit perfectly. This adjustment also means you decide how tight you want the band to be, which is great for anyone with a sensitive scalp or obscenely thick hair.

Yes, they are relatively expensive, but if you struggle with finding comfortable hair bands, the adjustable strap could be just what you're looking for. Oh, and did we mention there are more styles to choose from than you can shake a stick at?

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Sea Team twist bow hair band

A flexible hair band you can bend to your whims

Easy to adjust size
Can be worn in different ways
Eight in a pack
The wire means hand washing is probably advisable

Bandanas or scarves are a fantastic way of taming the wildest of hair days but getting them tied in the way you want can be a real test of endurance. These wired hair bands are like the next step in bandana evolution; you get the same effect but it takes no time or effort.

Essentially a strip of fabric sewn around a length of wire, simply bring the two sides from around the back of your head to the front, position to fit your head and then twist to fix in place. Alternatively, position so the two ends are at the back of your head for a different look.

There are eight hair bands in this pack, in a mixture of plain and patterned styles. The colours are really pretty, feeling quite vintage in nature, but if you fancy something different there are other designs to choose from.

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Kyerivs coloured clip in hair extensions

Quickly and easily add a pop of colour to your hair

Easy to use
Can be styled
Add colour without having to dye your hair
If your hair is longer than 20 inches, they'll be too short

Whether it's for a party, festival or just because, adding colour to your hair is a great way to put a pep in your step. But if you don't want to go to the bother of actually colouring your hair, a set of hair extensions like these is perfect, especially for children.

You get 24 pieces in this pack, two of 12 rainbow colours, although other packs are available in different colours. Each extension has a clip on the end that you snap open, secure to your hair and then snap close. Simply cut the extension to match the length of your hair and as long as you keep the temperature low, you can even use heated styling products on them, such as curling irons.