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Foldable travel kettles we love

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Foldable by name, and foldable by nature - in case you haven’t guessed we’re making a case for travel kettles of the compact kind! If you’re looking for a lightweight way to have a morning cup of tea or fill your instant porridge/noodle addiction, then these space-saving products below may deliver on all counts.

Although the shape and design may vary, all foldable electric travel kettles will fold neatly into themselves when not in use, and can neatly be packed away in your luggage. They can be a great asset for mobile office workers, construction site offices, or small kitchens. When making your buying choices consider the capacity you will need (often between 0.5 and 0.85 litres).

Listings often include shots of the full kettle, and it folded down so you can see how it would be stored, along with the full spec. Look out for dual voltage if you need worldwide use, and sourcing the necessary adapters. Some of the main differences will come in the hardware and settings, which could include manual adjust or auto-sense and switch voltage options, along with digital displays or twist dials.

Drill down the details and make your shortlist looking at capacity, size, and weight then look forward to added extras such as a protective travel pouch. There are products for family travellers, couples, and those with limited space in their bags, so if your hotel room, campervan, or office is currently sans kettle, why not take a look at the ones we love below.  

(Image credit: Amazon)

Loutytuo Dual Voltage Foldable Electric Kettle (Blue)

Heat water in minutes with this ultra-compact travel kettle

Easy to operate one button design
Removable elements for compact storage
Dual voltage for use abroad
May need a travel adapter (not included)

Why venture outside in search of a morning cup of tea when you can DIY it, with Loutytuo’s lightweight travel kettle. Crafted from food-grade silicone and stainless steel, this foldable kettle can heat water for 1-2 cups of water.

The size and compact nature of this design makes it a space-saving option for solo travellers or couples, with the kettle, detachable power cord, and UK or US plug all supplied in a portable zip-up case. Just add a travel adapter to your luggage if needed, switch the voltage to 110V (US) or 220V (UK), and you’re ready to go. One touch operation, heat preservation, and several colour options also make this a travel kettle we love.

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Lyty Dual Voltage Electric Travel Kettle

Make drinks for all the family with this durable travel kettle

Larger capacity for a travel kettle
Temperature control modes for water and milk
Dual voltage 110v-120v
No memory function to store preferred settings

Quick drinks, cup noodles or soups, and warm milk, are all possible with this compact travel kettle from Lyty. At 0.8 litres capacity, it’s one of the larger foldable travel kettles that you can use for family or group trips in the UK or abroad.

The capacity offers enough water for 3-4 cups, with added overheating and boil dry protection to ensure efficient and safe use. The durable materials have apparently performed well under manufacturer tests, and this kettle earns bonus points for its ‘smart’ features’. These include a digital temperature display and boil, milk, and coffee temperature settings. If you’re choosing a dual use travel kettle, choose one like this with an auto switch that will adjust voltage as required.

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Dltsli Silicone Travel Kettle

Space saving electric kettle for family holidays

Automatic voltage recognition
Dual voltage 110-240v
Higher price point
May need an additional travel adapter

If you’re choosing a foldable travel kettle for your family holidays, then make sure you consider the benefits of a dual voltage auto recognition system, such as this one by Dltsli. The sleek silicone kettle will automatically switch to the correct voltage, whether you are in the UK, the US or Europe, so you just need to pack the correct adaptor and you’re ready to go.

A full kettle of 0.8 litres will fill around 3-4 cups for drinks, and offers the option to switch between manually setting the temperature, and using pre-set options for heating water for coffee, or warming milk. An added bonus with this BPA free foldable kettle is the digital temperature display and water fill markers, both of which will help deliver the drinks you need in your hotel room or camper van in minutes.

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ecHome Foldable Electric Kettle

Affordable dual voltage kettle for camping, travel, and mobile office use

Useful keep-warm function
Made with food grade materials
Very compact for storage
Manual voltage adjustment

A compact and affordable travel kettle could be an essential piece of kit if you are a frequent traveller for work or leisure, move around mobile offices for work, or perhaps need a portable way to deliver hot drinks to your craft group or book club.

The ecHome O.6 litre version is manufactured from food grade stainless steel and silicone, with a simple off, boil or keep warm function, ideal for mums to warm milk for their little ones. All you have to do is manually adjust the voltage wherever you are in the world, and switch the dial to the desired setting. Its compact nature will also make this kettle stand out from the crowd, with its handle folding neatly into the lid, and its collapsible height a space-saving 9.5cm.

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Euyee Light Weight Travel Kettle

Lightweight, foldable kettle for travel and office

Easy clean silicone and stainless steel
Auto senses and switches voltage
Protective carry bag included
No travel adapters included

A morning cup of tea with porridge, or a cup of cocoa before bed are just the sort of home comforts you may want to enjoy when you travel, and this foldable travel kettle will help you do just that, wherever you are.

Crafted from food grade silicone and stainless steel, this kettle is dual voltage, with an integrated sensor that switches between settings as needed. Just plug in the 0.8 litre kettle and travel adapter if required, set to your preferred temperature, and you’re ready to go.

Pre-set modes will help you achieve optimum temperature, whether you pick boil (100 ̊) coffee (92 ̊) or milk (42 ̊) functions, delivering up to 4 cups in minutes so you can start your day the right way.