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Best Mouse Pads

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A well-made mouse pad will save your desk from scratches, enhance the life of your mouse, and maybe even support your wrist in an ergonomically-friendly fashion. Cost is important too, of course, which is one of the reasons we've chosen the VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse Pad as our best overall mouse pad. The Lycra cloth cover on this mouse pad enables your mouse to track accurately, and the gel wrist pad prevents fatigue and strain in your joints. Couple that with its non-skid backing and budget-friendly pricing and you have a mouse pad that's a winner in our book.

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VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Reasons to buy
+Best Overall

When you need a mouse pad that can do it all, this model from VicTsing is the one you want. Whether you're surfing the web, working in a complicated spreadsheet, gaming, or editing photos, this ergonomic mouse pad will help you get the job done. The unique arc shape of this pad matches the way you naturally move your mouse, so you never have to reposition your hand or the mouse. Brilliant!

There's a soft gel-filled cushion on this mouse pad that sits beneath the base of your hand to relieve pressure, prevent fatigue, and fully support your wrist. A smooth Lycra covering enables any mouse to move smoothly, and a grippy non-skid base latches on to any surface to keep this pad in place.

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3M Precise

Reasons to buy
+Best Value

The 3M Precise checks all the crucial boxes for a mouse pad: it's affordable, has a low profile design, and it stays put on your desk, never sliding around all willy-nilly. Explicitly made for wireless and optical mice, this 9x8 inch pad is perfect for your office and can also slip into a laptop sleeve pocket for travel.

The specialized color of this mouse pad draws less current than other models which means it can extend the life of your wireless mouse battery by up to 50 percent. Add to that non-skid backing that can be repositioned without hassle, a foam core that cushions your wrist, and a smooth surface that will never cause your mouse to skip, and you can see why this ranks as one of our favorites.

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Corsair MM800 Polaris

Reasons to buy
+Best for Gaming

We love the low friction micro-textured surface on the Corsair MM800! You'll get the best of both worlds with this model. The slick surface offers fast and smooth scrolling while the micro-textured surface gives you precise control down to the pixel. The bottom of this mousepad is coated with a non-slip rubber base, and it always holds firmly in place.

There are 15 customizable RGB zones with the Corsair and USB pass-through to help you avoid drowning in cables. The LED lights that wrap around the pad are out of this world gorgeous! The USB hub is genius, but it's positioned so high on the back of the pad that it sometimes catches your mouse's cable. This is my only gripe, and one that's easy to avoid once you get used to things. If you're looking for a cool-looking mousepad that's wide and precise, you'll love this model from Corsair.

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Yicaihong Metal Mouse Pad

Reasons to buy
+Best for Photo Editing

Photo editing is a labor-intensive job whether you're processing family vacation photos or fancy yourself a professional photographer. Precision is vital when making adjustments, and this beautiful double-sided mouse pad from Yicaihong will give you the control you need to perform those tasks as well as serve as your faithful daily driver.

The sleek metal side of this pad is smooth, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It's the perfect surface for fluid mouse movements and when quick response times are needed. The flip side is covered in PU leather that gives a bit of texture for fine detail work or when you need to slow things down. This mouse pad is flat and rigid and can be placed on any surface.

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Reasons to buy
+Best Ultra Thin

Sometimes you just need a smooth surface without all the bulk. This low profile mouse pad from WOW!PAD has a super-thin profile that's no thicker than a few sheets of notebook paper. Covered with the antibacterial Tricloban, this germ-free model makes for a reliable everyday mouse pad.

The WOW!PAD is larger than most mousepads, so you never run the risk of running off the edge while working. This pad works with optical or standard mice and comes with a non-slip backing that holds tight to solid surfaces. This anti-static mouse pad covers the basics well, and it's thin enough to fit in a bag for travel.

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5 Days a Week Paper Mouse Pad

Reasons to buy
+Best for Taking Notes

Those who like to get things done will love the 5 days a week mouse pad from Knock Knock. In addition to being a functional mouse pad, you can use the 60 sheets of paper that make up the pad to track your week, keep a to-do list, plan for the future, and brainstorm. 

The smooth paper in this mouse pad makes an excellent surface for scrolling for traditional wheel mice and optical mice. The pages never curl and are fast drying so as not to mark up the bottom of your mouse with ink. This mouse pad can be purchased in four styles, allowing you to keep a variety of different information under your fingertips at all times.

Bottom line

There's no substitute for a proper mousepad. Our favorite is the VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse Pad, which costs less than a cup of fancy coffee and will give you years of trouble-free scrolling.

The VicTsing has a unique arc shape that's designed after the way you naturally move your mouse when sitting behind a computer, so your mouse never runs out of space. The stickiness on the bottom of this mousepad holds it in place on your desktop in such a way that it never needs repositioning. Combine those features with a gel-filled wrist cushion that prevents fatigue and saves your joints from strain, and you have the winning combination of features behind this reliable, accurate mousepad.

Our top choice is an ideal pick for use as an everyday mouse pad at work, home, or even on travels, and you won't find a better mouse at this price point!

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