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Best Ecobee Thermostats

Ecobee on wall
(Image credit: Ecobee)

Canadian home automation company Ecobee offers smart thermostats and a light switch for residential and commercial use. The thermostats feature a touchscreen; you can also control the temperatures in your home through a companion app for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. 

Ecobee 4

(Image credit: Ecobee 4)

The latest Ecobee flagship device offers a responsive display, one remote sensor, and lots of smart integrations, including Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. It's also the first Ecobee device with an Amazon Alexa speaker built right inside. 

The Ecobee4, which launched in 2017, comes with embedded microphones that feature far-field voice recognition (the same technology that makes the Amazon Echo hear you from across the room). The Ecobee4 is our best smart thermostat of the year.

Ecobee 3 Lite

(Image credit: Amazon)

For those on a budget, you'll want to consider the Ecobee3 lite. First announced in 2016, the model integrates with remote sensors to control the temperature. The main differences between it and the Ecobee4 are the lack of an integrated Amazon Alexa speaker and no room sensor provided. The Ecobee3 lite is also slightly smaller than the newer model. 

Ecobee Switch Plus

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Switch+ is a device that integrates motion detection, ambient light sensors, and Amazon Alexa while also functioning as a traditional on/off light switch. It gives your smart home the ability to sense which rooms need climate control and which rooms don't, and with the Switch+'s built-in Alexa, you can use it to control all your compatible smart systems through voice alone.

Ecobee Room Sensor

(Image credit: Amazon)

Ecobee Room Sensor 2-pack

Must-have accessory

Available in packs of two, Ecobee room sensors provide more balanced temperature throughout your home. In doing so, they help manage hot and cold spots in rooms. You can pair up to 32 room sensors with either your Ecobee4 or Ecobee3 lite. 

Smart-y thermostats

Smart thermostats offer an efficient and convenient solution for homeowners and renters alike. With smart thermostats, you can control the temperature in your home from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Increasingly, these products also include features like Amazon Alexa that add value to your home for a little bit more cash. 

All the Ecobee products presented here are reasonably priced and are often on sale. You'll need to decide which products are right for you and your situation. Whether you're looking at the Ecobee4 which gives you all that Ecobee has to offer or the lower-priced Ecobee3 lite, we've got you covered. You should also check out the Ecobee accessories, including the Switch+

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