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Best Car Mounts for iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

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It's now illegal in most places to hold your phone and use it while you drive. A quality car mount is vital if you want to use your iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus while you drive, whether it's to answer calls, play music, or get directions. These are the best car mounts for your iPhone. The top pick is the Kenu Airframe+ because it doesn't require metal or us of a magnet, is adjustable and stays sturdily in place even after a couple of years of use.

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Kenu Airframe+

Best overall 

The Kenu Airframe+ is one of our favourite car mounts. It's affordable, installs easily into your car's vent without blocking airflow, and can expand to hold even bigger sized devices. The sides clamp on to your iPhone XS, XR, 8, or 8 Plus to give it a secure fit, and you won't have to worry about your device falling while you're driving.

The biggest drawback of the Kenu Airfame+ is that the arm of this car mount isn't adjustable. This means you need to ensure when it is placed in your car that it allows you to see and reach your phone without a problem from the driver's seat. We suggest adjusting your car seat to the correct and comfortable height, length, and recline to ensure the best placement of the mount.

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The One Touch 4 is probably the best mount for most people as it cradles your iPhone securely. This car mount also has an adjustable arm that both extends and pivots, so you can move and angle your phone after it is mounted.

You do need a smooth surface for this mount to work properly. Fabric or textured dashboards don't allow the suction base to fully grip and will result in an unsteady mount. However, the OneTouch 4 is designed to work on windshields. It's an option if your dashboard doesn't do the trick. It also comes with a base that can adhere to most dashboards and then allows the mount to suction to its smoother surface.

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This well-built mount is made from aluminum composite and stainless steel, with a strong, adjustable arm that lets you orient your iPhone any way you like. If you like using a heavy-duty case on your iPhone, this mount can handle it just fine.

This mount is especially helpful for motorcyclists. It securely mounts to the bike's handles with screws, and since the arm is adjustable, you can ensure you can always see and reach your phone. While the overall cost is a bit more compared to other car mounts, the overall, heavy-duty reliability of this device is well worth it.

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Spigen Kuel TS36


The Kuel mount from Spigen is a lot like iOttie's One Touch mount, but it's a little less expensive, and some reviewers have noted that it's a little sturdier. Its telescopic arm adjusts to where you need it, and the head rotates so that you can view your iPhone in portrait or landscape.

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Nite Ize Steelie

Coolest looking

If you're looking for a magnetic mount with a small footprint, then the Steelie is the best. There are several configurations, but the basic one is a small magnetic ball and a little magnetic circle that adheres to your iPhone case. The magnet is powerful, and you can orient your iPhone in any way you like.

Bottom line

These are the best mounts for your iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and more. They'll keep your phone out of your hands while you're driving (and hopefully a ticket off your record!), and they'll let you check directions and more on the go. 

My personal favorite is the Kenu Airframe+, as I've been using it since my iPhone 6 Plus days, and it has never loosened up on the vent, and my iPhone XS is still as secure as it ever was. It adjusts from the size of an iPhone SE all the up to the XS Max. The vent clip rotates and adjusts to fit both standard and thick vent slats. Since it doesn't rely on a magnet, you don't need any special metal case or plate on your iPhone. You can even take it out of your car, stick a credit card into the vent clip, and Voila! You have a kickstand for watching videos. It only weighs an ounce so you can easily stick it in your bag or pocket.

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