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Warm weather brings with it the opportunity to take to the outdoors. Whether you’re planning a cookout or tailgating, you can enjoy your outside time by kicking back with a cold beverage. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean the luxury of a chilled drink is out of your grasp. Keeping liquids cold is simple with the insulated confines of a portable cooler. We’ve assembled the best options around.   

Staff pick

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Igloo BMX cooler

Best for rough adventures

If you need a cooler that can keep up with the toughest adventures, the Igloo BMX comes with sturdy clips to make sure the cooler doesn't fly open and keeps ice for about four days. Its sturdy construction prevents the cooler from getting damaged as you carry it around. Plus, it can hold up to 49 liters—about 83 12-ounce cans—meaning you can cart a lot of drinks around! 

Keeps drinks cold the longest

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YETI Tundra 45 cooler

Rough-and-tumble beverage-cooling design

The YETI Tundra 45 is the classic cooler. It can hold about 26 cans (with a recommended 2:1 ratio of ice to contents ratio) and keeps your ice in solid form for days at a time. It has the same rotomolded construction that YETI stakes its reputation on. It's super durable, and the rubberized latches will never come loose, keeping your contents more secure than ever. 

Best for short camping trips

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Coleman Xtreme wheeled cooler

Roomy travel-ready design with wheels

With about 47 liters of storage, an extendable handle, and wheels making it easy to cart around, the Coleman Xtreme wheeled cooler is perfect for a weekend camping trip or a night by the fire. The cooler will keep ice solid for about two days, It even comes with four drink holders on the lid, so you can use it as a little table when you're roasting marshmallows by the fire. 

Compact and portable

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Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze cooler

Soft cooler for small adventures

Light, compact, and easy to carry on your shoulder, the Arctic Zone Titan cooler is perfect for bringing your drinks to a party or outdoor event. With premium insulation that can keep ice solid for about three days and leak-free lining, this cooler bag is made to keep drinks chilled until you're ready to relax.

Best value for capacity

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Igloo Polar cooler

Generous gathering-prepared design supports 114 liters

If you're looking for something big, the Igloo Polar Cooler is probably the best value for the sheer amount of space the cooler gives you.  The 114-liter capacity means you can hit enough drinks and ice to keep any camping trip, party, or other event fueled for a long time. Plus, the ice will stay solid for up to five days because of its well-insulated construction. 

Think about your needs 

Beverage coolers support your drink-chilling needs, and the right one comes down to capacity and portability. From a large cookout to an intimate picnic, all you must do is choose the right size to accommodate your occasion or event. The Igloo BMX cooler is a great place to begin. Its durable design is built to take on any escapade, keeping drinks cool to provide the ultimate hydration experience. The cooler is insulated to keep the cold in, fastened with secure clips to chill a whopping 49 liters of cans, bottles, and more.

Yeti coolers are some of the best in the business, built to endure and maintain cold temperatures. The YETI Tundra 45 cooler has a sturdy body and is insulated to keep ice solid for days. So, your beverages will be at peak temperatures for as long as you need, ideal for parties that go well into the night or for weekend camping trips. You really can’t go wrong.   

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