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Best Homeschooling Supplies

Crayon and kid
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Now that homeschooling is more prevalent than ever it's important to have the right equipment in your home. While a lot of homeschooling is done on a computer, having certain supplies in the home will set you and your child into a learning mindset.

We've put together some essential supplies that will help you create a learning space for you and your learners.

Educational posters

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Educational Preschool Poster

Reasons to buy

For the younger kids

Making your child's workspace feel more like school is an important step. These posters look exactly like the ones you would find in a preschool or primary school. They have bright colors and simple learning points for many different subjects as well, including Math, Science, and English.

If you can find a small area where your child can work, make it feel like a place of learning. This will help focus them on a learning mindset.

Surf desk

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The Surf Portable Lap Desk

Reasons to buy

Portable comfort

Having a good place to write or use your laptop, is important when homeschooling. It's easy for kids to get comfy on a sofa but lose focus because of distraction, or worse, start to get a neck ache from sitting in the wrong position.

The surf desk uses your child's body weight to hold the desk in position and is easily portable so they can sit wherever they like. If the weather is good, working outside is something of a treat and the surf desk makes that easy.

File folder organizer

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Veyette Heavy Duty Expanding File

Reasons to buy

Keep organized

There is a lot of paperwork that comes with homeschooling. Whether it's I.E.P. information, forms for equipment, or just helpful worksheets for your child, it all needs looking after and filing away until needed.

Unless you have space for a large filing cabinet this expanding wallet from Veyette is the perfect organizational tool. It's large enough to fit plenty of paperwork in but small enough to put out of the way when not needed.

Bulk Crayons

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Crayola 64ct Ultra Clean Washable Crayons

Reasons to buy

Easy to wipe off

Crayons. There isn't much to say about them at this point other than you should have some. They have been a child's coloring staple for several million years and are a great way to engage young children in arts and crafts.

These crayons from Crayola are specially formulated so they can be wiped off of almost any surface, saving you from the "Look, I drew all over the walls" panic.

Whiteboard schedule

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Magnetic Dry Erase Weekly Calendar

Reasons to buy

All on schedule

Having a proper work schedule for your child is going to be a priority. Self-regulation is not easy for young children and having a good idea of when they are supposed to be doing stuff will help them greatly.

This fridge schedule is easy to place and will let you organize each school day quickly and easily. You should try and include break times in the schedule too so the kids no when good things happen throughout the day.

Bic ballpoint pens

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Although most of the schoolwork your child is likely to face will be online, there is still plenty of physical activities they may need to do. Having a box of comfortable pens for your child to use when they need them will reduce stress. Be prepared as the Scouts say.

These BIC pens come in black and blue and there are more than enough for when your student loses them, which is likely to be often.

The school must go on

Homeschool exists to help children with their education in uncertain times. These supplies are a basic starter kit to help set up your home so your little learner can be comfortable and distraction-free.

I really like the Educational Preschool Posters (opens in new tab) for young students. They help make your home feel more like a place of learning, while also different constructive lessons on various subjects.

If your learner is older or using a laptop for most of their studies then grabbing one of these cool Surf desks (opens in new tab) will help them work while making sure they don't hurt themselves in the process.

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