Best Drill Bit Sets

Lots of Drill bits
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What's a drill without drill bits? A paperweight, that's what. These drill bit sets offer you all the bits you will need in any DIY situation. Most of the sets here concentrate on drill bits designed to put holes in wood, plastic, or metal, though there are some masonry bits too.

What drill bits you need will depend on what the project is, and even what type of drill you are using, but hopefully, we can cover all the bases here.

Best Overall

DeWalt Drill bits

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DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set

For everyday use these DeWalt are the best

Made with titanium, these general-purpose drill bits are perfect for most DIY jobs. They won't drill through stone, masonry, or concrete, but for woodworking jobs, or jobs around the house they are great.

I use this set for almost every type of house DIY. I've put up shelves, built cabinets, and fitted doors with this exact set.

Best value for beginners

AmazonBasics Drill set

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AmazonBasics Drill/Driver set

This a great way to fill your toolbox

I recently bought this set for a friend moving into their own house for the first time. It's great as it contains just about any drill bit you can think of. From simple screwdriver bits to niche bits like countersinks, the AmazonBasics supplies them all at a low price.

Eventually, you are likely to want to replace this set with a better one, especially if you are serious about your DIY, but if you are just starting out, it's almost perfect.

Best for impact

Makita impact drill bits

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Makita Impact drill bit set

Makita make some of the very best tools on the planet.

If like me, you have multiple types of drill you are likely the owner of an impact driver. Rather than having a normal chuck, impact drills have a hexagonal bayonet fitting so they need a different type of drill bit.

These titanium drill bits from Makita will work in any impact driver and make short work of any task you might have.

Best for screws

DeWalt driver and drills

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DeWalt Multibox driver/drill set

For woodworking or dry-walling, this is a superb set.

With almost every house in America being made of wood and drywall, having a good set of drill bits should always be coupled with a good set of driver bits. This multipack from DeWalt has various different size drivers, with every type of head you might need.

It also has the standard sizes of drill bits so you can complete just about any job around your home.

Best for anything you need

Bosch 91 piece drill set

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Bosch 91 piece driver/drill set

Use this set for every conceivable job

This drill bit set is a cornucopia of amazing drill bits. Not only does it have screwdriver bits, countersink bits, and titanium bits, it also has a set of masonry drill bits. These allow you to drill into fireplaces and other stonework quickly and easily.

It also has a small ratchet screwdriver to help you with handheld projects and a small extendable magnet to help you pick up the screws you lose down the back of the sofa!

Chew through any job

If you are anything like me you will find yourself often in situations where you need a tool but can't find it. Having drill bits in these kinds of sets — providing you put them away after use — provide a safe haven for them, and means you can always find what you need.

My favorite drill bits are the DeWalt Titanium drill bits. They have lasted a good long while now, and are still sharp and accurate. I use them weekly to make DIY projects and they never fail.

If you are looking to fill your toolbox for any eventuality then the Bosch 91-piece is the right set. With masonry drill bits and screwdriver bits aplenty, you'll have everything you need for just about any job.

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