Best 3D printer filament (PLA)

Best 3D printer filament (PLA)
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When you are printing there are a lot of different 3D printing filaments to work with. Some are good for modelling, others are flexible like rubber, but more often than not you will hear the name PLA used for filament printing.

PLA is a plant based plastic that is very easy to print and can do so at relatively low temperatures. It is forgiving of your mess-ups and is easy top process to make it look amazing. If you are just starting out in 3D printing then these PLA picks will help you on the journey.

Great value


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HATCHBOX PLA (opens in new tab)

Perfect for models that you will paint

While Hatchbox PLA isn't the best-looking plastic you can buy, it is cheap, reliable and can be used to make many prints, from practical to flowery.

I like to use Hatchbox to print models that require finishing, like cosplay armor and helmets, as it sands well and creates an excellent finish when painted.

Taste the rainbow

Rainbow PLA

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Rainbow PLA Filament by TTYT3D (opens in new tab)

Add a splash of color to every print

For models that aren't going to be post-processed, you need something that will look beautiful straight from the print bed. This gorgeous rainbow PLA has a shiny metallic color, and the transitional colors blend beautifully. 

Best metallic

Eryone gold PLA

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Eryone Silk PLA Filament (opens in new tab)

Make your models look like a million bucks

Like the rainbow filament, this metallic plastic from Eryone is perfect for statues and vases that look fantastic with no work afterwards. The metallic sheen also helps to hide layer lines and any issues that might crop up.

Plant a tree

Polymaker PolyTerra PLA

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Polymaker PolyTerra PLA Bioplastic (opens in new tab)

Matte plastics are the best

Polymaker makes a lot of fantastic PLA, and PolyTerra is no exception. Not only is it a lovely matte color, but for every spool sold, a tree is planted to replace the material used. Better for the environment and your models. It's a win-win.

Gorgeous transitions

Amolen red gold pla

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AMOLEN PLA Red Gold Filament (opens in new tab)

Make statues amazing without paint

I add this in for the simple reason that it looks beautiful. The gold and red transition is excellent, and it is perfect for so many models. Even shelf brackets would look classy in this PLA.

Have fun (PLA)ying

It's very rare that I use any 3D printing material other than PLA these days as it is the most versatile and easy to print plastic around. If you are looking for an excellent PLA to use in your projects, then Hatchbox PLA (opens in new tab) is perfect, especially if you are post-processing.

If you want something a little more flashy, then the Rainbow PLA from TTYT3D (opens in new tab) might suit your needs. I use it for statues and vases to really make them pop.

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