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Yoga socks we love

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If you've ever found your feet slipping backwards in downward dog, felt a little gross about practicing barefoot on a communal yoga mat or simply found your feet feeling cold during class, you may well benefit from a pair of yoga socks. Usually made using added grip with silicone dots on the soles, they enable you to plant your feet firmly in every pose without worry of sliding. These handy socks can also be used during pilates, barre and reformer workouts – and some fans even love to wear them around the house instead of slippers. 

As ever, there are plenty of options on the market – varying from traditional-looking ankle socks to designs with toe dividers and glove-like sections. If, like many, you're looking for something that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing, there are also lots of different colours and designs to choose from.   

While making your decision, it's best to think about which type of yoga you practice and how your socks will aid you. If you take part in hot, Bikram yoga for example, you may want to avoid a full sock. Equally, some may not like the socks that cover the toes in case they restrict standing and foundational poses – while others may prefer to keep the feet fully covered for hygiene reasons. 

Most pairs are made from soft cotton, though some feature a synthetic or lycra mix. Scroll down to see our pick of the bunch…

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Ozaiic Yoga Socks

Pretty and practical, with cross straps for security

Elegant and stylish design
Available in value multipacks 
Soft and comfortable
May not be suitable for narrower, smaller feet

If you love the balletic look of a criss-cross strap, you'll be pleased with the delicate look of Ozaiic's offering, which features a gel pattern on the soles to provide grip. These are available in packs of two or four offering good value for money. Buyers report a soft, cushiony feel underfoot too.

If you don't like the feeling of toe dividers and want to keep your foot predominantly covered, these could be a good option – the straps also offer extra security as well as the pretty detail. The company claims these socks will fit UK sizes 2.5 through to 9, though some reviewers found them to be too big for narrower feet. They may be a great option for larger sizes, however, as one Amazon shopper reported they fit her size 11 feet perfectly.

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Toesox Full Toe Low Rise Grip Socks

A fun choice of colours – comfy and separating

Bright colours and designs
Flexible grip
Gently separates toes
Some report washing issues

Toesox is one of the better-known brands within this market, offering a plethora of products that support natural movement. These full toe socks enable you to move freely with your feet while giving full coverage and comfort, as well as plenty of non-slip grip. They are well-loved for the vibrant choice of colours and breathability using organic cotton. 

There's a wide choice of sizes – ranging from extra-small to extra-large – and the glove-like toe separators will gently help you spread the toes during practice as well as everyday movements. Though they are listed as women's, these are easily a unisex option with men having bought and given them positive reviews, too. Be careful to read the washing instructions, as some have reported shrinking – but we reckon these are a good all-rounder, generally. 

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Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks

Full sock option that’s good value for money

Available in multi-packs at a good price point 
Designed for ventilation and breathability
Storage bag included
Only one size available

If you prefer the idea of a more traditional option without toe separators, Muezna's non-slip socks are particularly popular – and with multipack options, they're certainly a good value choice. Again, they feature silicone grips on the soles, though more uniquely are made from combed cotton, claiming to be more breathable and sweat absorbing. 

Most favour these for their comfy feel and grip, as well as the included drawstring bag, which is handy for travelling to the gym or studio. Muezna claims these will fit a UK size 2.5 to 8, though unfortunately some shoppers from both ends of that size spectrum have stated they are either too big or too small. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee available, which is helpful.  

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Tucketts Women's Yoga Socks

A more ethical choice, and toeless for a barefoot feel

Lightweight and open
Plenty of colours and designs available
Made from recycled cotton
Only one size

Another popular choice, Tucketts' option gives an almost sandal-like feel – with open toes and a bare section across the top of the foot for breathability – but with plenty of sticky grip on the soles. Those wanting to make an eco-friendly choice may well prefer these, since the company uses 70% recycled cotton to make each pair. It states that they use ethical factories and support peace programs in vulnerable communities, too.  

Again, there are lots of bright colours and designs to choose from, and buyers report that they are particularly effective in balancing poses. These will only fit a UK women's size 3 to 7, though. 

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Rymora Non Slip Grip Socks

Another full sock option, with plenty of sizes available

A wide range of sizes
Seamless finish
Available in value pack of two
May slip in some poses

Another classic option for those that prefer to keep their feet fully covered, Rymora's customer-approved socks have a seamless fabric finish to reduce irritation during practice. They come in duo packs, with two colourways to choose from, and are made in 80% cotton. 

A major plus point here is the sizing range, which runs from a UK 3 to 12 across small, medium and large. However, some buyers have reported slipping issues during poses such as downward dog, so it may be worth sizing down if you have narrower feet or prefer a firmer fit.