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Kids’ wardrobes we love

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The cliché is true – our children really do tend have better clothes than us parents. But stylish as they might be, no outfit looks so great when it’s strewn across the floor with nowhere to go. For their ever-blossoming fashion sense, a child-friendly wardrobe is a must. 

One that they will enjoy having in their bedroom and be able to select their own clothes with ease as they get older. Of course, if kids had their own way, their furniture choices might not be quite what Mum and Dad would choose! But here, we’ve found a selection that children will adore and you’ll be thrilled to buy too.

When selecting a wardrobe to purchase, it’s worth considering whether or not you want this piece of furniture to be one that lasts for many years. If you’re after a temporary solution in early years, splashing out isn’t necessary – there are loads of budget-friendly options that will do the job well. If you would love a wardrobe that might see your child into their teenage years, it might be worth spending a bit more for something really robust and larger in size. 

Our favourite kid’s wardrobes, however, are ones that you can adapt or even grow to suit your child’s ever-changing needs. As with almost every aspect of parenthood, this sort of versatility can be extremely helpful!

Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of children’s wardrobes that we think will please everyone in the house for a variety of reasons and, regardless of price, are suitable for children in terms of robustness and safety. 

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Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Dress Up Station

Hand-carved clothing rail

This dainty little hanger will add a truly magical air to your child’s bedroom while offering them the chance to start getting independent with their outfit choices. Everything is within arm’s reach for a toddler here and the solid wood construction and water based paint means that parents don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals.

It’s easy to set up and ready to go, with four delightful wooden hangers included in the price. But although extremely pretty, this rail is definitely on the small side – perfect for a select few outfits that need to be hung but an accompaniment to other furniture rather than a standalone piece. Fortunately, this gorgeous clothing rail comes as part of a whole Magic Garden range, so there’s plenty for you to choose from to fully kit the bedroom out.

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Kousi Portable Wardrobe

Customisable storage

The brightly coloured, friendly faces of the characters featured on the KOUSI portable wardrobes are what will overjoy children, but for parents it’s the customisable potential of this wardrobe that makes it a real winner. You can configure the boxes in almost any way you wish and add or take away storage space as you need it.

The stainless steel frame and polypropylene resin construction makes for a wonderfully light but sturdy wardrobe that goes together with ease and can be wiped down clean in moments. But be warned, some parents have found that it can also be quite easily taken apart by toddlers with curious minds!

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Nafenai Small Armoire Wardrobe Closet

Easy-clean surface

As little ones grow storage needs change, so this classic style wardrobe with two building combinations will come as a welcome addition to any nursery or child’s bedroom. Go for two, exceptionally deep drawers on the bottom (ideal for toy storage or clothes) or pop one drawer on top for all the things you want to keep out of reach.

Looks-wise, this wardrobe is a classic armoire style, which lends itself to creating a timeless space that grown-ups and children love equally. But although it looks grand, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s full sized! This is a mini version of a French classic, so kids can reach right in and get everything they need all by themselves. It’s also made out of high-grade Polypropylene – a popular material in the baby industry which is easy to clean and resistant to mould, dirt and rust.

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South Shore Prairie Armoire, Fall Oak

Smart, with country charm

If country cottage is your preferred style, this spacious wardrobe with adjustable shelves and roomy drawers will look fantastic while fitting in all of your child’s clothes. It’s not vibrant, like some of our other picks, but it’s still perfectly child-friendly with smooth-glide drawers and wipe-clean surfaces. 

The environmentally conscious of you will be pleased to discover that, although not made from solid wood, this armoire is made from Certified Environmentally Preferred laminated particle panels with metal handles and is manufactured in North America – as all South Shore products have been or the past 75 years.

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Milliard Dress Up Storage

Dress up rail with mirror

If you love the idea of your child having access to their own clothes, but feel as though the average clothing rail could do with a little extra storage space, this could just be the choice for you. 

Complete with shatter-resistant mirror for children to admire their well-dressed reflection, this compact closet unit has everything tots need to get themselves dressed with ease. 

Three slide-out drawers make the perfect place to keep undies, vests and accessories, while a toddler height appropriate rail offers enough space to hang up anything you want to keep crease free. The addition of three hooks on the side means you can even keep coats here!

Compared to other, similar products this one has been rated by buyers as considerably sturdier and of higher quality. It’s also easy to assemble, and the minimalistic design means this can slot in easily to the corner of any bedroom or playroom without dominating the space.

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