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Hair brushes we love

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It’s all too easily overlooked, yet a great hair brush is an essential part of any girl’s beauty kit. But whether you want to boost shine, tame that frustrating frizz or sculpt the perfect style (or perhaps all three), rest assured that there is a hair brush out there for you. And while there may be a baffling selection of options out there, if you choose wisely you’ll be rewarded with a slicker, less stressful grooming routine  

It may sound obvious, but once you’ve found the perfect brush it’s important to give it some TLC. Make sure you regularly pull out any hair that’s accumulated in the bristles, and give it a wash from time to time too (do follow the manufacturer’s instructions though, to be sure you don’t damage it). This way, you’ll ensure you’re not spreading the remains of any old product back into the hair whenever you run your brush through it. 

Whether you’re after a detangler to banish those pesky knots, a robust paddle brush to get long locks under control or a clever ceramic styling brush, we’ve got the tools to keep your tresses looking tiptop.  

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The Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler

Ideal for conditioning

Designed for wet hair 
Great value 
Award-winning product  
Not suitable for use with heat 

If you’re fed up of dragging a hairbrush through damp hair, this could well be the perfect product for you. Made with 325 flexible teeth, it’s specifically designed to glide through wet locks, without pulling or snapping your vulnerable tresses in the process. It’s even suited to thick, curly hair, and makes the ideal shower companion too – just use it to brush conditioner through your locks, then rinse it out after the required time. 

Best of all, the Wet Detangler comes in a vast array of oh-so pretty colours, ranging from sparkly silver to popping pink. It’s guaranteed to perk up your brushing! 

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Denman D4 hairbrush

Sculpts and styles

Great value 
Can be used with a hairdryer 

When it comes to creating hairbrushes, it’s fair to say that Denman know a thing or two. The British brand has been around since 1938, and its products are used by hairdressers in over 60 countries. The classic D4 brush is a great all-rounder – it’s designed to detangle both wet and dry hair, as well as styling and smoothing. 

Made with nine rows of round-ended nylon pins, set into anti-static rubber, the brush makes light work of even long, voluminous locks. It removes knots without pulling, bringing unruly tresses firmly under control. The tear-drop shaped handle is also easy to grip when blow drying, making it easier to sculpt and style hair. 

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Lily England Paddle Brush

Pretty and practical

For all hair types 
Vegan and cruelty-free  
Non-slip handle  

This oh-so-pretty rose gold brush will brighten any girl’s dressing table, but it’s eminently practical and very affordable too. The handle is made from a special non-slip gel, which ensures the brush is easy to grip and affords you maximum control when you’re busy taming those tresses. 

The paddle brush is also robust enough to deal with mid-length to long locks, and is designed for use on all hair types, ranging from fine to curly and voluminous. It can be used on wet or dry hair too, making it a very versatile addition to your beauty arsenal.  

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Paul Mitchell Paddle Brush

Brilliant for blow drying

Helps build body  
Wide paddle shape 
Pricier than some brushes 

This large paddle brush, by iconic haircare brand Paul Mitchell, is designed to make blow drying easy. The wide paddle shape means it can pick up and dry big sections of hair at once, resulting in a speedier styling process that helps create body and volume. 

Despite its size, the salon-quality brush is lightweight enough to be easily controlled, while the air-cushioned pad helps to ensure it doesn’t pull at your locks when you draw it through your hair. This is ideal option for anyone wanting a sleek, smooth finish. 

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Moroccanoil Round Ceramic Brush

Contains a built-in sectioning tool

Helps create bounce 
Ceramic and ionic 
Boosts shine   

This Insta-worthy turquoise brush comes with an ingenious secret – cunningly tucked away in the handle is a handy sectioning tip, which can be whipped out and used whenever you’re styling your tresses. Add its ceramic and ionic properties into the frame, and it’s easy to see why this round brush has won the hearts of a legion of hair aficionados. 

The ceramic barrel is designed to allow even heat distribution and retain the warmth of the hairdryer, which enhances drying time. And while this 45mm brush is ideal for medium to long hair, it comes in multiple sizes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

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