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Breastfeeding covers we love

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Breastfeeding your baby can be a wonderful experience for you both but it’s normal to feel a touch of nerves about feeding your baby in public. While there’s no need to think twice about feeding your baby wherever and whenever she’s hungry, thanks to the fact that the law in countries like the UK and US prevents mothers being discriminated against for breastfeeding their babies, it’s still understandable that you might feel a little self-conscious about breastfeeding your baby in public, especially in the early days when you’re getting to grips with breastfeeding. A breastfeeding cover can help you feel more confident about breastfeeding your baby when you’re on the go. They’re designed to cover your baby while she’s breastfeeding so that you can feed in peace without worrying about how much of you is on display while she feeds.

Breastfeeding covers come in several different designs, from ones that doubles as scarves for wearing in between feeds, to apron-style covers that you can keep in your changing bag and pop on when your baby is hungry. 

It’s important to choose an approved nursing cover rather than draping a muslin or item of clothing over your baby – this ensures that your baby can breathe while she feeds. Choose one that’s machine-washable for easy cleaning, and factor in that you might want to pick a nursing cover that will go with different outfits depending on what you’re wearing and where you’re feeding your baby. Finally, choose a breastfeeding cover that’s suitable for the climate in which you live, and make sure it covers your back, too, if necessary.

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Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover

Keep an eye on your baby while you feed in privacy

Open neckline for ventilation and bonding
Some reviews say the fabric is stiff

What’s special about these nursing covers is the fact that they have an open neckline that holds the cover slightly away from you, allowing you to maintain eye contact with your baby while you feed but with all the privacy of a nursing cover. This means you can check that your baby is latching properly and bond while you feed, rather than not being able to see your baby. The neck strap is adjustable so you can get the perfect fit and readjust it as your baby grows. These nursing covers also have two internal terry cloth pockets for storage.

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Pure Mom Breastfeeding Cover & Nursing Scarf

A stylish versatile breastfeeding cover

Multiple uses
Bold pattern won’t appeal to everyone

This versatile breastfeeding scarf is as stylish as it’s practical. At first glance it looks like a standard breastfeeding cover but it doubles as a cover for your pushchair or car seat and can even be used as a protective barrier for shopping trollies. The rayon blend fabric is lightweight and stretchy, and it comes in its own matching drawstring carry pouch so you can pop it in your change bag and use it whenever you’re feeding your baby in public.

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Kids N Such Nursing Cover

Keep you and your baby covered whilst maintaining eye contact

Breathable fabric
Some reviews say the rigid neckline is a nuisance

This breastfeeding cover is designed to help you transition from feeding to burping your baby, thanks to the fact that it has a burp cloth sewn into it. It’s made from breathable cotton so it’s lightweight and keeps you and your baby cool while you’re feeding. This breastfeeding cover has a rigid neckline to enable you to maintain eye contact with your baby while she feeds, and also allows you to check your baby’s latch while still covering you both up. It’s extra wide so there’s plenty of fabric to keep you and your baby covered, and it comes with a matching carry pouch.

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Jomolly Nursing Cover

Keep you and your baby covered and your breastfeeding essentials close at hand

Some reviewers find the open neckline too exposing

This extra large breastfeeding cover has an open neckline to create good airflow and allow you to maintain eye contact with your baby while you feed. It’s made of soft cotton fabric that’s lightweight and breathable to help keep you and your baby cool. These breastfeeding covers also have three pockets, including one for storing breast pads and pacifiers. It folds to a neat and convenient size and fits into its own storage bag. It has a neck strap that’s adjustable for the perfect fit for you and your baby.

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Uhinoos nursing cover

The adjustable, versatile cover

Secure fit

Made from soft, lightweight cotton, this breastfeeding cover has an adjustable neck strap so you make it fit securely during feeds, even as your baby grows. When it’s not in use as a breastfeeding cover, you can use it as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, pushchair cover, or sunshade. It has a plastic semi-ring on the front so you can keep a close eye on you baby while you’re feeding.

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