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Best True Wireless Earbuds

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Smartphones are slowly but surely getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack from smartphones and tablets, so users are turning to wireless as the next viable option. The Jabra Elite 75t are currently the best overall true wireless earbuds around for Android. They feature solid sound, long battery life, and they're incredibly comfortable and portable. 

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The Jabra Elite 75t features a very bass-heavy sound out of the box, which is surprising. The bass is boosted quite a bit that some may dislike the bass overall. For bass heads, this will be the earbud for you. The mid-range is slightly recessed as a result, and the treble is smooth and neutral. If you dislike the boosted bass, Jabra's companion smartphone application will do the trick. Soundstage is good for a truly wireless earbud, and the dynamic range is excellent. 

Battery life is excellent here as well with up to 7.5 hours of listening on a single charge. The included charging case gets you roughly 20 additional hours of listening, totaling around 28 hours of listening time with the charging case. Unfortunately, they still don't feature wireless charging for the case, but it does charge over USB-C which is a welcome improvement.

Comfort is equally as great. The Jabra Elite 75t is surprisingly really comfortable, easily in our top 5 most comfortable truly wireless earbuds. You won't experience fatigue or discomfort with them, even over long periods of time. 

The Elite 75t are also IP55 water and dust resistant which means they'll have no issues with things such as sweat, rain, snow or other light activities. Just don't shower or swim with them.

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Samsung's Galaxy Buds Plus take what was great about the Galaxy Buds and improves in almost every way. The real focus here was to take the popular ease-of-use and comfort of the originals and improve the fundamentals: sound quality, call quality, and battery life. And Samsung has largely succeeded.

Despite starting at slightly more expensive than their predecessors, the Galaxy Buds Plus boast an impressive 10-hours of battery life per charge, with another full charge in the case. The glossy case, available in four colors — black, red, white, and blue — charges quickly via USB-C or Qi, and the Tic-Tac shape makes it easy to slip into a pocket.

The side gestures can be a bit sensitive, but they're very useful, and can be easily configured inside Samsung's excellent Android or iOS app. With the emphasis on sound quality here, Samsung decided to partner with Spotify to make it easy to begin playing a playlist without taking out your phone — and while that sounds gimmicky, I've benefited from that feature more times than I can count. And while the sound improvements aren't massive over the originals, the addition of a second speaker adds robustness to the low-end and clarity to the mids.

Samsung's also spent some time improving call quality with a second external microphone to cancel out additional noise. It's still not great, and definitely one of the earbuds' worst aspects, but at least you'll be comprehensible on the other end of the line this time — you couldn't say that with the originals. 

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Despite being somewhat limited on Android (no auto-play/pause, Google Assistant, or customizability), the AirPods Pro feature some of the best active noise-canceling for an earbud on the market right now. The AirPods Pro's ANC performance is fantastic for its class. No, it won't beat out the top end over-ear headphones such as the Sony WH-1000XM3, but it gets close to almost everything else on the market. If we had to draw a comparison, the ANC on the AIrPods Pro compare favorably to the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700. 

Sound quality is solid with the AirPods Pro, with a slightly underemphasized but flat bass. The low- and mid-mids are neutral and flat while the upper-mids are slightly pushed forward, and the treble is neutral and flat as well. Dynamic range is excellent, and soundstage is narrow but still sounds spacious. 

The earbuds get 4.5 hours of audio playback with ANC enabled, and five hours with ANC disabled. The included charging case is rated for 19 hours of additional listening time. The case charges over the proprietary Lightning connector, which is great for Apple users but not for Android ones. However, the charging case is wireless charging capable, which means you can bypass Lightning entirely if you're already invested in wireless charging.

Comfort is some of the best we've tested as well. Unlike other earbuds that have a plastic "stem" that the ear tips attach to, the AirPods Pro attach directly to the bud's speaker. This means the ear tip is completely on its own and can truly mold to your ear without anything getting in the way. 

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There aren't many ANC truly wireless earbuds out there outside of the Sony WF-1000XM3 and AirPods Pro. This is why the Sony [WF-1000XM3](/sony-wf-1000xm3-review) is an easy pick when it comes to ANC performance. The design isn't the prettiest, and they're rather bulky, but they get the job done.

Battery life is excellent with up to six hours alone and up to 19 hours with the charging case. For a pair of truly wireless ANC earbuds, the WF-1000XM3 perform surprisingly excellent in this department. Of course, as with most ANC headphones, the WF-1000XM3 offer an ambient sound mode that reverses the ANC microphones to allow the outside world in, therefore preserving battery.

Sound quality came out of left field with the WF-1000XM3s. Rather than having a bass-boosted sound and recessed treble which is typical with Sony headphones, the WF-1000XM3s have a tame bass that's only slightly boosted, with mids and treble being excellent and neutral. 

In terms of water and dust resistance, the WF-1000XM3 get a basic IPX4 rating. This means that they are "splash-proof" which covers sweat, but it's not recommended in rain or similar situations. 

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You can't go wrong with Sennheiser when it comes to any audio gear, and the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless are no exception. These earbuds make the list for those who enjoy dance, hip-hop, or any other bass-heavy genre of music.

The Momentum True Wireless has a super harsh boost in the bass. It gives it an overall darker sound signature, with a clear and even midrange and a rather underwhelming treble response overall. The excellent news is Sennheiser's mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) allows you to customize the sound signature to a certain extent. 

They offer six hours of usage, with up to 12 hours of use using the included charging case. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Buds, the case is missing wireless charging of any kind, but it still offers USB-C for charging. 

They are also one of the biggest genuinely wireless earbuds out there. But that's not a huge deal since they're still much more portable than any on-ear or in-ear headphones. At the very least, they're still pocketable even with the rather large charging case. 

Overall, if you have the money to spend on Sennheiser earbuds and want that great bass, this is the choice for you.

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Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Best Value

Anker's Soundcore brand has been offering its Liberty true wireless earbuds for a few years now, and the second version of its Liberty Air is its best yet. While the resemblance to Apple's AirPods can't be overstated, the Liberty Air 2 come with a few handy features that set it apart from the rest of the category.

For starters, the sound that comes out of these earbuds, available for under a hundred dollars, is astounding. Unlike AirPods, Soundcore outfits the Liberty Air 2 with silicone tips — five sizes in the box — that help with isolation and low-end. The case, which holds three additional charges of the seven hours the earbuds offer, charges via USB-C _or_ Qi wireless charging, and the top opens and closes with a satisfying magnetic slap.

The sides of each bud offer customizable gestures that make play/pause, next and previous track, and even volume, a cinch to use. And you can even use the earbuds in the rain — they feature an IPX5 water resistance rating.

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When it comes to working out, the newly announced Jaybird Vista is the best solution. They offer great battery life while also giving superb passive isolation. The design allows them to fit most people's ears and with better isolation means a more consistent sound signature. They feature the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol for better overall efficiency between the buds and your phone.

In terms of Bluetooth audio codecs, you only have SBC here which is fine in terms of quality for most people. Battery life is better than most with up to 6 hours with the buds alone and up to 10 additional hours with the included charging case. The charging case charges via USB-C and takes roughly 2 hours to charge from dead. No wireless charging here on the case.

Sound quality is decent here. The Vista has a solid V-shaped sound signature with boosted bass, neutral mids, and boosted treble. The sound isn't overly boomy or heavy in the bass and the treble isn't boosted to the point where they sound piercing or sharp. 

The Jaybird Vista offer IPX7 water resistance so it should be able to withstand practically any sort of water you throw at it. You can do practically anything but swim with these things. 

Bottom line

Truly wireless earbuds have gained popularity over the past several years, and are now some of the [most popular headphones you can buy](/best-wireless-headphones). Choosing a pair is difficult right now because many tech companies are rushing to get their own versions out. As the technology matures, great earbuds will come down in price, and sound quality will continue to evolve. 

For most people, the Jabra Elite 75t are going to be the best option. The earbuds themselves are small, and the case is extremely rugged, with strong magnets that keep everything in place. They also sound excellent, have superb call quality, decent battery life, and feature a useful app on iOS and Android.

They lack active noise cancellation, but the passive isolation is more than good enough for most people. And there are physical buttons on the side, which mean you don't have to mess with gestures while walking or running. 

Jabra's hit a home run with its latest true wireless earbuds. While they may not be the best in every category, they're consistently great and are a joy to use. What more can you ask for?

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