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Best Lap Desks

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Gaming on a laptop on the couch is comfortable and all, but it's not good for your back or wrists. The same goes for trying to put in a few extra hours of work while sitting up in bed. Working, gaming, reading, and writing on the couch or in bed is easier on your body when you use a lap desk. Whatever your needs, we have a lap desk that will fit the bill and your budget.

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Sofia + Sam Oversized Desk

Best overall

The oversized lap desk from Sofia + Sam is so brilliant that it continues to be my top choice for a lap desk. This portable workspace is lined on the underside with furniture-grade memory foam, so it always sits evenly and comfortably on your thighs and never feels tippy or unstable. There's enough real estate on the top of this model to accommodate a 20-inch laptop and still have room to spare for a mouse.

This lap desk is on the heavier side, but its weight works to your advantage and helps to keep everything balanced. It's also tough as can be. A detachable USB light sits in the upper right-hand corner and it's powered by replaceable batteries or the USB port in your laptop. The lamp gives off just the right amount of light for crafting, tackling paperwork, reading, or pecking away on your keyboard. If that weren't enough, this lap desk also includes memory foam wrist support and a handle for portability. The only downside is that it's a bit heavy, but that helps it feel more stable overall.

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The Mind Reader lap desk is a budget-priced offering with a few expensive-feeling surprises. The desk adjusts to eight positions for optimal viewing. This model is large enough to support a laptop up to 15.6 inches, yet folds down flat for storage and travel.

The cushions that sit on your lap are dual-bolster microbeads, which means they conform to any shape. Super comfortable! There's also a carry handle at the top and a small clip toward the bottom that holds laptops, tablets, or books in place. This whole setup feels a little bulky, but it's well-made, and the oversized design is just right for those with larger laptops.

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Honey-Can-Do Portable Desk

Best portable

The lap desk from Honey-Can-Do has a smooth surface on top that's suitable for holding your laptop, tablet, or even for writing letters. Unlike other plastic lap desks, it does not absorb heat, so you can work as long as you like. A 13-inch laptop fits comfortably on top with enough room to spare for a mouse or small writing tablet. The built-in handle and flat style (sans removable cushion) are fantastic for travel.

When comfort is key, attach the removable foam pad to the underside to give your legs a bit of cushioning. There's also a cord protector at the back of the cushion to help prevent cord tangles and keep your AC cord out of the way. The reflective surface on the Honey-Can-Do has some issues with optical mice. They simply don't track well. If you can live with that, this model comes in six color choices and is worth every penny.

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ECR4Kids Surf

Best for kids

The ECR4Kids is a mobile desk for those six and up. This intuitively-designed lap desk is lightweight enough for kids to carry from place to place, and units can be stacked together to save space. Smart! Using this desk, kids can construct work or play space in any room of the house or even outside.

There's plenty of room on the flat top for creative activities and studies. This is both a seat and a desk. Kids must sit on the chair for the attached desk to remain upright. That's both a genius design and its downfall because this desk doesn't stay upright unless the child remains seated on the base. All in all, this is a stackable, durable, and spacious workspace for kids that your family will love.

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Avantree Adjustable Lap Desk

Best multipurpose

This is a clever desk that does it all! The large surface can support a 17-inch laptop plus pens, pencils, a mouse, and other necessities. The legs on the desk are height-adjustable so you can work on a flat surface if you're in a chair or raise the legs to work on a couch. The unique swivel tabletop can also be adjusted, so you can create the right angle to use as an ergonomically-friendly standing desk.

This smartly-built desk can be adapted for a multitude of activities and works with all age groups thanks to its adjustable height frame. Auto-lock buttons hold the desk firmly in place and can be released and readjusted as needed. There's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to engaging the height-adjustable feature, so younger kids may need some assistance at first. This lap desk from Avantree comes in two colors and is perfect for everyone in the family.

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Handmade from environmentally-friendly natural bamboo, this multi-use desk has been polished to a smooth finish. This all-wood model works as a laptop desk, dinner tray, makeshift easel, kids creativity center, reading table, writing table, and has hundreds of other uses.

This wooden wonder is height and width adjustable, comes with a removable baffle (added to prevent books, laptops, and writing utensils from sliding off), tilts to any angle needed, and has a storage drawer. The top is a little slippery, so you may have trouble writing when not using the baffle. This portable lap desk can fit a 15-inch laptop and a writing tablet or mouse, and because it's made of wood, it absorbs heat naturally so your lap and laptop never get hot.

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