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Best Label Makers

label maker on desk
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Label makers are an excellent tool that gives office employees and hard-working students alike a quick, easy, and simple way to create labels for things like files, drawers, binders, and folders. There's a large variety of them on the market, though, and knowing which one to get based on what you need can be tricky. Fear not, though; we rounded up all of the best label makers so that you don't have to.

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The DYMO Rhino 4200 is outfitted with a QWERTY keyboard and supports countless symbols. It's also capable of printing out a variety of label types.

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The DYMO LetraTag 100H doesn't do anything luxurious, but it's multilingual. In addition to English, it also supports French and Spanish.

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DYMO PC Label Maker

PC compatibility

If you're looking for a label maker that works on PC, this one is perfect. It allows you to customize your labels extensively with your PC's fonts.

If we had to choose

Label makers are a simple, yet incredibly useful tool that anyone can use to quickly and efficiently create labels for folders, files, binders, and more. Some of them can be relatively expensive, but the immense organizational value that you can get out of one is worth the cost without a doubt. 

All of these label makers are excellent in one way or another, but I recommend the DYMO LetraTag 100H, as it offers the most overall value to the average person, and it's not expensive. If you're looking for the highest quality label maker, though, you should opt for the DYMO Rhino 4200, as it can handle any label-making task that you throw at it.

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