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Best Hardshell Cases for MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro with crayons
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One of the best ways to protect your MacBook Pro is with a hardshell case. These cases offer scratch and drop protection, and they can often lend a touch of your style to your laptop. These are your best options to both protect and beautify your MacBook Pro.


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Ueswill matte hard case

Staff Favourite

Ueswill's hardshell cases are pretty similar to Mosiso's, but if you'd rather more of a design than a solid color, this should be your choice. Ueswill offers a bunch of fun designs, including floral and marble patterns, as well as various graphics of space, nature, and more.


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ProCase hard shell cover

Reliable protection

These matte cases are pretty standard for hard shell covers. There are several colors to choose from, and each comes with a keyboard cover, though the keyboard cover is black — it won't match the case color. 


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KEC laptop case

So. Many. Designs.

Let your personality shine through with KEC's hardshell MacBook Pro cases, which feature beautiful, bright, and colorful designs and patterns. Each has rubberized feet to hold your laptop in place while you type, and the bottom shell is vented so that it doesn't overheat.


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i-Blason frosted hard shell cover

Translucent protection

i-Blason's hardshell cases have a translucent surface so that you can see the beauty of your MacBook at all times. Each case is finished with a matte rubber coating for extra grip, and the bottom is vented and adorned with rubber feet.


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i-Blason dual layer cover

Heavy duty

If you need your MacBook Pro to survive a bit more of the rough-and-tumble, then you'll want a rugged case, like i-Blason's dual-layer hard shell. It features shock-absorbent rubber edges, a hard plastic body, precise cutouts for your ports, and comes in four colors.


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iLeadon case

Much to see

Protect your MacBook in style with this art print ultra-slim rubberized durable plastic shell. This product is available in various styles, including Bohemia, Navy Blue Rose, and more. 

Plenty of choices

These are the best hardshell cases we've found for the MacBook Pro. Each is available in multiple styles -- some traditional, others a little bit more creative or unique. Regardless, each of these cases is tough and will protect your investment against bumps and scratches. Many come with extra goodies such as keyboard covers to provide even more protection. 

A hardshell case is the best and perhaps the simplest way to make sure your MacBook Pro makes it through the day in one piece. For the pragmatic folks, it doesn't get better than  Ueswill matte hard case myriad options, but if you like a bit of flair, go with KEC's exciting designs. If you're looking for more rugged protection, go with the i-Blason dual layer cover, it will keep your Mac safe and sound even on the hardest surfaces.

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