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Best Electric Chainsaws

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If you have some bush to clear, a chainsaw can seriously cut down on the hours spent felling and bucking out in the field. Don't want to get involved with a gas-operated unit? There are a bunch of great electric chainsaws that we've rounded up right here.

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This corded electric chainsaw has a 14.5-amp motor for outstanding performance that holds up even when compared to gas chainsaws. It features a low kickback bar and built-in chain for added safety so you can tackle even larger jobs with ease. This chainsaw also includes a three-year manufacturer's warranty should you run into any issues when using it.

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Remington RM1425

Budget cutting

You don't need a heavy-duty chainsaw for every job and that's where this corded saw comes in. It has an 8-amp electric motor making it ideal for smaller jobs and is affordable even for folks on a tight budget. This chainsaw has a 14-inch bar and chain along with a wraparound handguard to protect you from flying debris, and weighs under ten pounds!

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Makita UC4051A

 Also great 

Makita's 16-inch saw not only looks great, but it also has all the features you need to get the job done. This includes a current limiter to preserve the hefty 14.5-amp motor, easy to read oil reservoir, ergonomic rubberized grips and a tool-free tension adjuster.

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Earthwise CS33016

Oregon bar and chain

If you're looking for a quality electric chainsaw that holds up versus gas options the Oregon Earthwise may be just the ticket. This option features a 12-amp motor with a 16-inch corded chainsaw capable of handling a variety of jobs. It also features an automatic oiling system with oil level window and tool-free tensioner adjustment.

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Black+Decker MAX LCS1240

40V battery

Cut the cord with this 12-inch saw from Black+Decker, with a 40V Lithium ion battery. It features an automatic oiling system, tool-free tension system for adjustments and full wrap-around handle.  

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If you're looking for a heavy-duty electric chainsaw then look no further than this option from Greenworks. It has an 18-inch bar and chain and a beefy 14.5-amp motor. At 12 pounds it's a bit heavier than some of its electric competition but well worth the added weight. It features a full wrap-around handle, tool-free tension adjustment, and an auto-oiler so that you can tackle just about any job.

If we're making a suggestion

If you're looking to clear a bit of space by felling some trees, these electric chainsaws should fit what you're looking for. Your best bet for performance to money spent is the Worx WG303.1, with a beefy 14.5-amp motor, 16-inch bar and chain, and a three-year warranty.

It is not cordless, but you're not paying extra for a battery that can keep up to the workload. The chain has an automatic tensioner that keeps it from getting too tight, and there's a chain brake that keeps you safe in case of a failure. To keep the saw in working order, an oil reservoir built into the body keeps the chain lubed. Despite the modest price, the Worx WG303.1 comes with a three-year warranty.

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