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Best 4-Slice Toasters

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Breakfast time is crazy in most family households. Don’t make your morning routine more difficult by investing in a 4-slice toaster to help you get your crew fed and on their way. These are some of the best toasters you can get with styles and finishes to match your kitchen’s decor. 

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Because of its large slots, the Cuisinart classic toaster can hold thick slices of bread, bagels and frozen waffles. It also evenly toasts English muffins and Texas toast. The six darkness levels are set using dial controls while bagel, defrost and reheat settings are button controls with LED light indicators.

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Cudinaid Wide Slot Toaster

Best Value

For the price, this Cudinaid toaster has a lot of features. It has both reheat and defrost settings and seven darkness levels. Darkness is set using a dial and there is a cancel button to quickly stop toasting. The high-lift on each side brings the cooked food up a bit so you can grab them without burning your fingers against the toaster grills. The slots are wide enough for thick slices of bread, but not for bagels.

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Hamilton Beach Digital Toaster

Best for Bagels

The Hamilton Beach digital toaster has extra-wide slots to hold bagels and even has a designated bagel setting. It has an automatic shut off - a great safety feature - plus both a defrost setting and a cancel button. In addition to bagels, the Hamilton Beach toaster easily cooks Texas toast and English muffins with grills on both sides of each slot to evenly brown every side of the bread.

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IKICH Long Slot Toaster

Best Compact Toaster

The unique, compact design of this toaster has two 10-inch slots that hold four regular-sized bread slices, or two long slices, paninis and pitas. This toasters has both a reheat and defrost option, and a cancel button. Its elongated design doesn't take up much room on your counter.

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Black+Decker TR310FBD Toaster

Best Modern Design

This 4-slice toaster has a sleek, rounded design and ombre finish. The wide slots hold thick slices of bread and bagels. It features defrost and reheat options and shade controls with seven levels of darkness. Each side of the toaster has a lift mechanism to help you grab heated food without burning your fingers.

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BUYDEEM DT-6B83G Toaster

Best Vintage Design

The BUYDEEM toaster comes in a retro, pastel green finish. It has both a bagel and muffin exclusive setting with slots wide enough to hold both. There are seven different browning levels, reheat and defrost function. This vintage-looking toaster comes with a two-year warranty.

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Yabano Retro Toaster with Warming Rack

Best Multifunction Toaster

This toaster has four slots and features a warming rack that extends over each slot. This rack can be used to warm pastries, muffins, and croissants that don't fit into the toaster slots. The slots are wide enough to fit waffles, Texas toast, and bagels.

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Cuisinart CPT-440P1

Best Leverless Toaster

The Cuisinart CPT-440P1 only has touch controls to set darkness levels, defrost and reheat. It draws each slice of bread into the toaster with a button rather than a traditional lever. This toaster has timers that display a countdown as your food cooks. Each of the four slots is wide enough to fit bagels and thick slices of bread.

What we recommend


The Cuisinart CPT-180 Classic Toaster is our top pick. It is versatile, budget-friendly and works for most families. Its extra-wide slots fit thick slices of bread, bagels and frozen waffles. Both sides get toasted at the same time, so there’s no need to flip and retoast your bread.

For long slices of bread or heating items like paninis and pitas, check out the flexible IKICH toaster. The IKICH has extra-long slots that hold four, regular slices of bread or two really long slices. Its compact design doesn’t take up much space on the counter.