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Baskets for perfect picnics

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What could be better in life than enjoying the great outdoors? An accompanying picnic? We reckon so. After all, grabbing a basket and stuffing it with delicious food is sure to top off a perfect day. But you need to ensure that you have enough storage room to feed everyone, while bearing in mind that someone is going to be carrying it.

A traditional basket is, therefore, best if you're not going to be travelling very far. They can be awkward to carry, so they're perhaps more suited for parks or the beach. Likewise, hamper-style baskets can prove heavy, particularly if they come with cutlery and dining sets and space for bottles. Again, they're best for planned picnics without an accompanying walk.

What these baskets do, however, is offer an all-in-one solution, and you may be surprised what you get with such bundles. Picnic blankets, cool bags, cups and glasses are popular add-in options for basket makers – and you could always leave some of them behind at home if the weight starts to creep up.

You don't necessarily have to pay extortionate sums for these sorts of basket bundles either. In our research, we found that baskets with lots of extras didn't cost much more than those without, by and large. Just look to ensure that the basket you buy offers the number of compartments you feel you need. It’s also handy to consider insulated baskets if you're likely to be having a picnic in very hot weather. Oh, and if you're after romance, go as traditional as you can.

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Greenfield Collection Arundel Willow Picnic Hamper

A luxurious picnic hamper with a great assortment of extras

Created in a traditional style
Includes cutlery and glassware
Comes with a matching cool bag
Only big enough for two

If you want a traditional-looking picnic basket with a few modern conveniences, then Greenfield's lightweight but luxury hamper is sure to prove very appetising. It has been made from full buff willow and it's adorned with a few gold chains. But far from being bling, it's hot on practicality, with a large compartment for food, sections for a couple of bottles and space in the two leather-hinged lids for cutlery.

Lined with a striped material, it comes with two wine glasses, a stainless steel waiter's friend, a couple of China plates and two sets of forks, knives and tea spoons. You also get an insulated cool bag and, as a neat touch, there's even a luggage tag attached to the handle, adding to its overall classy, head-turning look.

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Inno Stage Wicker Picnic Basket

Includes almost everything but the kitchen sink

A large basket for four people
Comes with a host of extras
Has a lifetime guarantee
No top carrying handle

Made from durable wicker, this basket doesn't look quite as nice as Greenfield's and it lacks interior compartments. But it makes up for it by providing enough room to feed four hungry mouths and it also comes with everything you'd need, from four forks, spoons and knives to four plates, wine glasses and napkins, as well as a bottle opener and salt and pepper shakers.

The interior has soft foam padding under the lining and there's even anti-scald handles on the cutlery – a bit too protective, perhaps, given it's a picnic but a nice touch nonetheless. We also like that, as an extra, there's a water-resistant fleece blanket too. You'd have to strap the basket up well, though, because the handle is on the side which could also make carrying awkward.

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Allcamp Outdoor Gear Picnic Basket Cooler

A cool picnic basket in looks and in use

Soft handle for comfortable carrying
Keeps your food cool
No interior compartments
No supplied extras

With no willow or wicker in sight, this picnic basket is modern through and through. Made using grey polyester fabric, it has a waterproof exterior – just the job for when the weather turns or if the basket is placed on wet ground. It also lined with heat-sealed aluminium foil insulation so that your food remains cool for most of the day.

Although there is a zipped compartment at the front, offering a bit of extra space, there are no sections inside. The handle, however, is made from aluminium and it has a soft padding to make the basket easy to carry. Lucky too, as it has a 22 litre capacity, so you can pack it with lots of delicious goodies.

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Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack

One to take with you on a long walk

Clever use of storage options
Big enough for four outdoor diners
Includes a picnic blanket
Food could get squashed at the bottom of the bag

Less a picnic basket and more of a picnic backpack, this items slings over your shoulder and comes with a host of storage compartments. There's a zippable section at the front that flops down to reveal a set of provided cutlery, glasses and napkins. Meanwhile, the main part opens into a cavernous space lined with insulating material to help keep your food fresh. 

Straps on one side of the backpack allows an insulated cloth bottle holder to be attached. Another set of straps on the other side lets you affix the bundled striped picnic blanket. Perhaps oddly, but nonetheless welcome, you also get a chopping board (and a cheese knife). Given the low price for this whole ensemble, it's something of a bargain particularly if you intend to go on a hike beforehand.

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Picnic Basket Natural Woven Woodchip with Double Folding Handles

The basket to choose if you fancy a romantic afternoon

Foldable handles
Waterproof woodchip
No lid, leaving contents vulnerable
The two-handles may feel uncomfortable

This very traditional, twee picnic basket has bags of charm although, in many ways, it's not the most practical offering. The lack of a lid is either a blessing or a curse – you can pack more in without worrying a lid will close, on the one hand, but you may worry about bugs getting in when you're not looking.

An open basket like this could also make you a little self-conscious that passersby will cast judgment on how healthy your picnic looks (a problem easily rectified, we guess). That aside, however, the handles fold down for convenience and the checkered cloth is washable. The woodchip is also waterproof while the romantic factor of this basket is off-the-scale.