Best weighted blankets

weighted blanket
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The best weighted blankets are more than just a simple way to spruce up a bedroom; they have real therapeutic uses. Studies show that weighted blankets can give similar benefits to deep pressure therapy at home, and can help with several conditions, including autism, ADHD, and anxiety. 

And if you struggle to sleep because you feel restless, you're anxious, or you have other sleep disorders, a weighted blanket could help. Just remember to choose a weight that's 10-12% of your weight, otherwise, it'll be too heavy or so light you won't feel the benefits. 

Best value set

Viviland weighted blanket

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Vivland weighted blanket ultra deluxe set

Blanket, cover and eye mask

Viviland's weighted blanket ultra-deluxe set includes a 6.8kg blanket, a plush cover, and an eye mask. And it's one of the more affordable options. The weighted inner layer is filled with glass beads, which makes it quieter when you move during the night. Plus it's breathable, the weight is evenly distributed, and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Beloved blankets

Jaymag weighted blanket

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Jaymag weighted blanket

Well-loved weighted blankets

Jaymag has three different weights in their weighted blanket range so that you can choose 6.8kg, 7kg, or 9kg. Each weighted blanket is 100% cotton, which makes it breathable, while the high-tech sewing ensures the weight stays evenly distributed. Plus it's versatile, so you can use it on the sofa, while traveling, and more

Best for kids

Anjee kids weighted blanket

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Anjee kids weighted blanket

Fun designs for little ones

Anjee's weighted blankets are designed for children and come in a range of fun designs. They're made from 100% natural cotton, and filled with non-toxic glass beads - and there are three weights to choose from. You can use the weighted blanket at night, for nap time, or on long drives.

Colourful range

Softan weighted blanket

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Softan weighted blanket set

Four colour options

Softan's weighted blanket set comes in four colour options, which is a relief if you don't love grey. The evenly distributed weight means it won't fall off in the night. Plus, the set includes a weighted inner layer, a matching removable duvet cover, and a weighted sleep mask. 

Super-soft bamboo

GnO weighted blanket bamboo

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GnO bamboo weighted blanket

Three-piece set

GnO's three-piece bamboo weighted blanket set is made up of an organic cotton weighted blanket, a bamboo duvet cover, and a plush carry bag. This set will feel softer than other weighted blankets, thanks to the bamboo. And the bag lets you store the blanket, or transport it while protecting it.

Most affordable

MVpower weighted blanket

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MVPower weighted blanket

Popular and well-priced

MVPower's weighted blanket is one of the cheapest options, and sold on its own rather than as part of a set. Its seven layers reduce the noise when you turn, and it's breathable so you can use it in the summer. The cotton material is soft, machine washable, and finished in quality sewing.

The best weighted blankets are filled with small glass beads and are well-made, so the weight is evenly distributed. The Viviland weighted blanket kit comes out on top because it's affordable, and contains both a cover and a face mask.

Most weight blankets are grey, but if you'd like a different pattern or colour, you should check out the Softan set that comes in four varieties. For a super luxurious option, check out the GnO weighted blanket that comes with a super-soft bamboo cover. And if you're looking for a kid's weighted blanket, the Anjee designs are perfect.