Best vacuum sealers 

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A Vacuum sealer is a must-have kitchen appliance for anyone who loves to stock up or meal prep. The last thing you want is tons of food ending up in the trash can instead of the dining table due to freezer burns or spoilage as a result of improper storage. Vacuum sealers suck out all the air trapped in food storage bags, creating an airtight seal for prolonged freshness and extended shelf life. Whether you love to stock up, bake, or sous vide your meals, these are the best vacuum sealers to help you save your money, space, and time. 

Staff pick

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Geryon E2900-MS vacuum sealer

Comes with a generous starter kit

The compact Geryon E2900-MS Vacuum allows you to use both Geryon or other branded vacuum sealer bags and rolls up to 12 inches wide, making it an excellent choice for frequent sealing or newbies. A fully automated touch control panel conveniently sits at the top for a user-friendly experience. You also get one vacuum roll, five pre-cut sealer bags, and a vacuum tube to get you off to a good start. Whether you want to vacuum seal dry or moist food items, the E2900-MS will dramatically improve the shelf life and freshness of your food items.

Best value

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NutriChef Upgraded vacuum sealer

Lightweight and compact

If you are starting out and don't want to spend a fortune, the NutriChef's automatic vacuum sealer is a great choice. This compact countertop model is also perfect for small kitchen spaces as well as vacuum sealing smaller food batches. Even with basic functionality, it still gets the job done. You get to choose between two seeling modes specially designed for either dry or moist food items. A cork-sealer is also provided to help reseal open wine, vinegar, or oil bottles. To kickstart a new era in the kitchen, the Nutri Chef vacuum sealer comes with an air suction hose, a wine stopper cork, five reusable 78 x 118-inch vacuum bags, and one long 78 x 790-inch vacuum bag roll.

Perfect for occasional sealing

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FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealer machine

Easy lock and latch

The FoodSaver V2244 gives you the freedom to just seal or vacuum seal your food items, with the option of stopping midway to avoid crashing delicate foods like pastries. It may lack all the bells and whistles associated with other vacuum sealers, but it does a fantastic job, especially if you don't vacuum seal that often. The vacuum sealer comes with an 11-inch x 10-foot heat seal roll, three 1-quart heat seal bags, two 1-gallon heat seal bags, and an accessory hose to get you off to a good start. 

Cordless handheld option

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FoodSaver Handheld vacuum sealer

Small in size with reliable performance

Unlike all the bulky options mentioned above, the FoodSaver handheld vacuum sealer comes in a convenient size and is quite handy when handling smaller food commodities or single-serving leftovers. It works flawlessly with FoodSaver vacuum seal containers and vacuum seal zipper bags. The streamlined base doubles up as a docking station and a cable management system, keeping your kitchen countertop neat. This mini sealer operates on a single charge and can seal up to 60 1-quart bags, and it comes with four 1-quart vacuum seal zipper bags to get you started.

Great suction power

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KOIOS vacuum sealer machine

Get up to 40 consecutive seals

The KOIOS qualifies as the best heavy-duty vacuum sealer thanks to its stronger-than-average sealing power. The bottom pad of the heating strip comes enhanced with a mica sheet that can withstand up to 300℉, giving you the ability to seal up to 40 consecutive times without damaging the machine. Even better, you can vacuum seal two small bags at ago if you are in a bit of a rush. A built-in bag cutter makes it easier to customize bag sizes and avoid wastage.

Vacuum and seal

Vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of food items by up to five times compared to regular storage options. Our top pick remains the GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, which packs all the bells and whistles of a modern state of the art sealer. The machine is very easy to operate thanks to a fully automated touch control panel. It supports both seal and vacuum seal modes and works perfectly and efficiently for both dry and moist food items. 

Kitchen space sometimes comes at a premium, and having a compact option like the NutriChef Upgraded Vacuum Sealer is super convenient. This no-frills vacuum sealer comes with reusable vacuum bags to get you off to a good start.

If you plan to vacuum seal a lot, the KOIOS vacuum sealer machine is a perfect choice. The sealer includes an inbuilt bag cutter to help you create custom-sized bags, and it can make up to 40 consecutive seals without overheating, which is ideal for heavy-duty sealing.