Best Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-Cabinet Lighting
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From creating the right ambiance to illuminating your cooking workspace, under-cabinet lighting is a must in any modern kitchen. Not only do these lights change the entire look and feel of your space, but they are also essential to creating a serviceable working area for complex cooking and baking processes. We've compiled the best under-cabinet lights on the market for convenient, bright illumination. 

Staff pick

Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack

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Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6-Pack

Bang for buck

These popular puck lights are super convenient and easy to install. The wireless system allows you to link up to 12 puck light units that function using one remote to rule them all. Each unit comes with strong 3M mounting tape for easy installation. You can purchase them in packs of one, two, or six at a great low price. 

Smart light

GE Adjustable Motion-Sensing Light

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GE 33847 Adjustable Motion-Sensing Light Bar

On and off with the wave of a hand

GE's motion-sensing light bars can be switched on, switched off, or even dimmed with the wave of a hand. The intelligent sensors allow for touch-free controls from anywhere nearby. These light bars are 24" long and can be adjusted to various levels of warm or bright white light. This is a versatile lighting solution with both power cord and hard wire options. 


Good Earth Lighting Linking Light Bar

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Good Earth Lighting 12-inch Linking Light Bar

The Earth-friendly choice

If you're working to make a sustainable and eco-friendly home, Good Earth Lighting is the obvious choice. These under-cabinet fixtures are energy-efficient and built using sustainable materials and processes. The 12-inch light bar is dimmable with light that can be adjusted from warm to cool tones. It also comes in 18", 24", and 30" sizes. 

Smart home compatible

Govee Smart Light Strips

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Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

All the pretty colors

Perfect for creating a unique ambiance, these flexible light strips can be affixed under your cabinets and synchronized with Alexa or Google Home to add colorful hues to your space. The light strips can be trimmed and attached to just about any surface for instant lighting that can be adjusted to any brightness or color with the touch of a button. It's a quick and effective way to transform the way your home looks and feels. 

Almost invisible

Nuvo Lighting 63/203 LED Under-Cabinet Light

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Nuvo Lighting 63/203 Under-Cabinet Light

Minimalist lighting

For minimalist kitchens and bathrooms, these super slim lights will blend right into the background. Despite a thin profile, the high-quality fixtures emit a bright white light that's great for cooking and cleaning. This light is not dimmable so it's better suited to brighter environments. 

Three in one

BLACK+DECKER Under Cabinet Kit with Motion Sensor Lighting

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BLACK+DECKER Under-Cabinet Kit with Motion Sensor Lighting

Quick and easy lighting kit

Here's a quick and easy solution for the not-so-handy individual. The tool-free solution allows you to quickly attach up to three under-cabinet lights, link them, and plug them in without breaking a sweat. The lights are dimmable and can be set to turn on with a motion sensor for extra convenience. 

Bottom line

For kitchens, bathrooms, or any other cabinet space, there are many lighting solutions available. We love the set of six Brilliant Evolution puck lights because it's both convenient and ridiculously easy to set up. The battery-operated lights can be slapped on with the included adhesive and controlled with a remote from up to 15 feet away.

For more color options and smart-home capability, try the Govee Smart Strip Lights instead. This set can be connected to your Phillips Hue system to create fun, brightly hued ambiance at the touch of a button.