Best Tool Bags and Boxes

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When it comes to storing your tools, there are more than enough different options to make your head spin. From boxes to bags and everything in between, there is a bag or box that will fit your needs. We have found some of the best of both tool bags and toolboxes that will make carrying or storing your tools a breeze.

Just the basics

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WORKPRO 16-inch tool bag with water proof base

Staff pick

The WORKPRO Tool Bag will be a reliable option for most as its made from 600D polyester for superb durability. As for where to put your tools, there are 8-inner pockets, along with 13 external pockets. Plus, the bag itself sports a wide-mouth opening, making it easy to find the right tool.

Lift comfortably

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Dewalt TSTAK II flat top tool box

Made for mobility

Dewalt is a brand name that everyone recognizes and for good reason as the company makes some of the best tools and accessories. The TSTAK II Flat Top Tool Box is fantastic for those who need a box on the go. Plus, you can use this with other TSTAK products for better storage of different boxes.

Save your shoulders

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Klein tools tradesman pro backpack

Plenty of storage space

It can be cumbersome to throw a tool bag on just one shoulder throughout the day as you go from location to location. The Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Backpack makes life easier, as you'll get the standard back straps, along with a handle on the top. There are a total of 39 different pockets in this backpack, including specific slots for screwdrivers and others. 

Improved security

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GearWrench black steel tool box

Easy to organize

It can be quite costly to replace misplaced or stolen tools, and the GearWrenceh Black Steel Tool Box helps to combat that. There is a keyed center lock so that you can lock the toolbox when it's not in use. Additionally, there are three slide-out drawers, along with a section underneath the lid.

Easily accessible

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Jackson Palmer medium tool tote

Great value

The Jackson Palmer Tool Tote is a bit different, as this bag is entirely open for the easiest access to your tools. There are a total of 27 pockets to take advantage of, along with a handle and a shoulder strap. Jackson Palmer has also included iron buckles and reinforced stitching for heavy-duty usage.

Bottom line

Finding the right tool bag can be a tough task, but with the WORKPRO 16-inch Tool Bag, you get a great "multi-purpose" bag. There are a total of 21 different pockets to take advantage of, along with a wide mouth at the top for easy access. The WORKPRO Bag also is made from 600D polyester, adding to better durability so you won't have to worry about the accidental bag breaking at some point in your workday.

Those looking into a toolbox instead of a bag will want to look no further than the Dewalt TSTAK II Flat Top Tool Box. The latches on the front will ensure that your tools stay secure, and locked into place, without them falling out while going from job site to job site. In addition to having two handles to take advantage of, you can stack this box with other options from the TSTAK family of toolboxes. 

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