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Best Tissue Paper

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To simplify gift wrapping, just add tissue paper. You can eliminate the folding and frustration that wrapping paper can bring, by preparing your gifts with this airy supply. Tissue paper, available in many color options, conceals carefully selected gifts and adds flair to gift bags. We've selected the best options to streamline your present presentation (without sacrificing the wow factor).

Staff Pick

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BonBon Paper Unicorn Rainbow Tissue Paper

36 sheets of paper detailed with colorful metallic confetti

Tissue paper comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Still, this rainbow paper is perfect for just about any occasion. It's cheery enough to be used on birthdays, or showers, and always festive enough that it won't look out of place under your Christmas tree during the holidays. You get 36 sheets of paper, and each one measures at 20-by-30 inches. 

Winter Wonderland

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Whaline Snowflake Tissue Paper

Holiday-ready wrapping with festive snow flakes

Find festive tissue paper for every occasion isn't always as easy as it seems. If you have a birthday, wedding, or baby shower happening during the winter, it can be even peskier. That's because many winter-themed tissue paper options are designed around Christmas. The Snowflake Tissue Paper from Whaline delivers white paper with tiny little gold snowflakes that remind of you winter without necessarily needing to mention the holidays. You get 60 sheets in one pack, and each one measures 20-by-28 inches.

Colors of the Rainbow

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Supla Rainbow Tissue Paper

180 sheets of paper in a variety of hues

There are plenty of different occasions when you may need tissue paper when wrapping gifts for different people. When you pick up the Supla Rainbow Tissue Paper, you get 180 sheets in 36 colors. Since you have so many, it's easy to ensure that you have tissue paper in the right hue when you need them. You get five sheets of each color, and they measure out at 20-by-26 inches.

Metallic Magic

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JOYIN 150-Piece Christmas Metallic Silver and Gold Tissue Paper Assortment

150 sheets in shimmering metallic with fun prints

The best part of tissue paper is the way it allows you to make a gift look prettier before it's opened. This is particularly handy for those of us who are terrible at wrapping items but still want it to look lovely when we gift it to someone. Metallic tissue paper is super classy and works no matter what the occasion is. This 150 piece tissue paper bundle includes six different designs, all in silver and gold. Each sheet measures 20-by-20 inches. 

Classic Black and White

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BonBon Paper Premium Tissue Paper

Classic black and white paper in fun patterns

You want your gifts to look awesome once you've finished arranging them, and that means finding the perfect tissue paper to accent with. BonBon's White and Black tissue paper delivers a quality product that looks stellar, whether you're at a wedding or a birthday party. You get 36 sheets of paper with 12 sheets of each pattern: polka dot white, polka dot black, and black and white stripes. Each sheet measures 20-by-30 inches.

Wrapping options

Tissue paper is a hassle-free option when it comes to gift wrapping. With many patterns and color options, tissue paper has the same fun pop as wrapping paper without the folding and taping. All you have to do is just gather your gift in the tissue paper and nestle it in a gift bag. It's a simple way to present gifts to friends and family. While there are hundreds of different options for excellent wrapping paper, our favorite is Unicorn Rainbow Tissue Paper. It's a gorgeous rainbow speckled paper that is perfect for any occasion, and awesomely suited for birthdays or other happy occasions. 

If you want a classier option, then BonBon Paper Premium Tissue Paper in black and white, or JOYIN 150 Piece Christmas Metallic Silver and Gold Tissue Paper Assortment might be ideally suited.